Tuesday, December 12, 2006

collaboration of recent thought

since nothing exciting. nor journal worthy has happened lately.... i've run out of material. i need some weird passenger to get on and do something outrageous so i have something to write about. cause Lord knows i've got enough time on my hands lately to do so. so here's just some random musings to cure my bordem for the time being....

*would someone like to tell me how 2pac is still coming out with songs? i'm still not entirely inclined to believe that he is actually deceased. (based on that and the fact that mom is SURE that she spotted 2pac in the tyler mall about a year ago) i mean.... if i was to be pronounced dead, yet there were still new journal entries popping up.... dont you think that would be a good indication that i had fooled all of you? i submit that it would.

*i truly believe that the song "when you come back down" was written about a man in love with a flight attendant... and chris thile, i believe that man is you.

*it's amazing how much more accepted one can feel in baltimore whilst wearing apple bottom jeans.

*it is a well known fact that i think i'm going deaf. (but sometimes, really, it's just more convenient than anything else) but what came first? am i going deaf because i listen to my music too loud, or do i listen to my music too loud because i'm deaf?

chew on that for a little while.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

good morning america.

the time is 3:27 AM central standard time. and i just got to work. while the rest of you are fast asleep, with no doubt visions of sugar plumbs fairies dancing in your heads, i'm at work. it's just kind of one of those things you want to share with someone, but since any normal person is fast asleep, i cannot. i thought about just staying up, i figured that i had enough people that i knew that would randomly be awake to keep me up, but i did not figure that i had enough people that would fly to baltimore to make sure i was awake for the rest of the day in order to serve the almighty peanut. this is just further evidence that my life is so strange.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

my first thanksgiving away.

i should be in tyler.
i should be at mimi's.
i should be watching the parade.
i should be answering questions about my new job.
i should be having to dodge the "are you seeing anyone" question at all costs.
i should be annoyed at cameron's wardrobe.
i should be eating turkey.
i should be listening to skipper, stafford, and dad say "you know, no matter how detroit has played all season, they always seem to play well on thanksgiving"
i should be pointing out liz on tv.
i should be devising a plan with garrett and cameron to escape.
i should be stuffed.
i should be eating my body weight in green jello salad.
i should have so many servings of jello salad that mom begins to give me "the eye" and says that it is rude to take half the salad in my first serving and that some people havent had firsts, but slowly realizing that i do it every year and finally giving up.
i should be bored.
i should constantly be looking for my glass, and then realizing mimi has washed it.....again.
i should be fighting over who gets the last bit of mashed potatoes.
i should be trying to find mom and judy's secret stash of pitzelles.
i should be going through the ads with tabi.
i should be playing with bri.
i should be winning taboo.
i should be in the back room, discussing things that only cousins discuss.
i should be talking about how we wish zach, cheryl, jeremy, jeremy, and jeff were all there.
i should hear waves of snores coming from multiple people throughout the day.
i should be scolding mimi for cleaning the kitchen ALL DAY long.
i should be at Jakes.
i should be complaining about being at jakes.
i should be telling karen how much i hate that place.
i should be seeing everyone from high school that i never really liked in the first place.
i should be eating turkey sandwiches for the next 5 days.

i should not be in baltimore.

Monday, November 20, 2006

thanksgiving in baltimore

nope. nope.... dont worry about me....i found a place to go for thanksgiving. a real baltimore thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

coming january 2007.

dear baltimore,

you can all go to hell. i'm going to TEXAS!

morgan and davy crockett

that is RIGHT my friends. i'm coming back to texas! which is the true promised land. i could NOT be more excited. yes, i'm still working for southwest...just in texas. it's a wonderful and sweet story. but i'll be living in dallas..... where, apparently, "everyone lives....and they have fun ALL the time." i'm pretty sure that's true. so i'm coming back....back to the land of dairy queen. and 70mph speed limits. and axis roads. and bbq. and baylor. and high school football. and rachel. and humidity. and construction. and emmitt smith. and ya'll. and where everyone knows your name. and i'm never leaving again.....unless he's really cute.

Monday, November 06, 2006

where are they now...

i have done a bad thing. to my own surprise. and my own detriment.... i have succumb to the cult that is myspace. and i am ashamed. however, it is a good catalyst to catch up with people that you havent seen in forever. (and a good excuse) i've found so many people that i havent seen in years and years. some have really made something of themselves... and yet some of them have proven themselves to be...well....less than stellar. but it makes me wonder..... who else is out there? there are several people that i still wonder about. wondering where they are. so here is my most wanted list... sort of like those blue "have you seen me" flyers that no one really looks at and immediately throws away...

jonathan buckman.... my first crush. he was a heartbreaker in first grade. and i'm sure he's just like the rest of them today.
amanda hopson.... whereever she is, she still inspires me to learn sign language.
bobby wimpy.... with a name like this, you really have to wonder how a kid will turn out. i'm just hoping he has since memorized how to spell his own name. my last memory of him is him signing my yearbook in 2nd grade and he had to look at his name tag to spell his name. i'd like to give you the benefit of the doubt bobby.
candace blaylock..... she's probably doing time for murder.
erin cook.... me, her, and holly watson were besties back in the day. we had the same birthday. she always had the best birthday parties.
holly glover... we were friends through summer camp. if i never find her... i will just assume she was just an angel. no one has ever inspired me more to be a better person.
lindsay cooper... this one only dates back to college. but i miss her.

Friday, October 27, 2006

homecoming. halloween.

so last weekend was homecoming. and you know why it's called homecoming?? because it is. it's HOME. the whole weekend, i couldnt figure out if i was insanely happy or depressed for life. i was happy because i was there. and everything felt right. but then i would snap out of it and realize that i didnt get to go to class tomorrow. common grounds is father than a 1.3 mile radius in any direction of me. and i had no home. it sucked. things that did not suck about this weekend though.... pigskin. (i cried 3 times. it's a sickness really). the bears. the parade. suzanne was homecoming queen. breakfast with brew and haley. rachel:

and this:

the tridelt float caught on fire. like HUGE fire. i was really hoping that the whole thing was going to blow up right in front of us. that would have been awesome. the girls were all screaming and the boys were all running up with their extinguishers (since when do boys carry fire extinguishers?). but at least they made it most of the parade. the piphi float apparently exploded before it even started the parade. we dont have the best luck in the float department. oh and i ran into a few of our favorite "nicknamers" that i forgot to mention last time..... door whore. side ponytail girl. and mr.may.

one thing that my daddy taught me... he always says.... 'you dont leave a game early'. (and you dont arrive to a professional ballgame after pregame has already started. i'm more strict with this rule. i dont understand what it means to arrive at a sporting event after the players.) anyways.... it's been awhile since i've been to texas, but apparently, it's still hot there. even in october. so as we were blistering in the sun, and the bears were disappointing again, we made the executive decision, and the next best thing.... we went to common grounds at the beginning of the fourth quarter, when we were down 18 points, and the bears were being the bears. and i immediately regreted this decision. this turned out to be the most detrimental decision of homecoming 2k6, because within 15 min, me and rachel began recieving updates from those more faithful fans who (obviously sat in the shade) told us that we were about to, in fact, win. and we did. aggies beware.

the weekend was a huge success. however... i went with a plan. and i was going to do it all for you journal readers, because if it had actually happened.. it would have made for an excellent journal entry... and let's be honest, lately i've been hurting for material. you know what i hate? mindless, petty, fake small talk. back in college it was "where ya from? what's your major?" but when you go back to baylor, you have to answer the question "so where are you now? what are you doing?" ... well i was prepared. usually at homecoming you see alot of people that you dont really care about but you feel obligated to talk to because there was once a time where you wore the same tshirts and this qualifies for automatic friendship. so when i saw these people... and they started in with the smalltalk, while i contemplated what i was going to order at my next trip to common grounds, when they actually asked me what i was doing now... i was going to tell them that i joined cirque de solei. that's right, i ran off and joined the circus. rachel laughed and thought that i wouldnt do it... but i tried to. but the dang facebook ruined it for me! i never ran into someone that i a)wasnt really friends with and wouldnt want to lie to or b) wasnt a crazy facebook stalker and already knew that i was a flight attendant. dang it! facebook foiled again. i mean... what were they going to say? "Nu-uh. you are not. i dont believe you." no! people are stupid. they would have believed me simply because i said so. you dont dispute someone on their job title. oh well. there's always next year.

in other news. halloween is coming up. why dont we go ahead and add that to the list of things that i hate.... no... loathe!!! halloween is just a license to slut. no more plastic barbie costumes. no. let's find the skankiest "costume" possible (what i'm really amazed by is all the girls that make up a costume from things they already have in their closets) and lose all my self respect all in one night. and you know those girls are the kind of girls that just hate themselves. when did snow white, and rainbow brite become so...ahem..."grown up"? halloween hos. i hate you. (of course this is coming from a girl who has had awful luck on halloween. do i even need to revisit the kot halloween party of 2k2? or how about last year's fiji party at homecoming? OR halloween 2k4.....i did a drive by catting. it's true. betcha didnt know that, blip, did ya?)

hey guess what..... i had a postcard published on postsecret within the past couple of months. and none of you even knew. haha suckas!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

rachel rakes

rachel and i begin our "morgan and rar reunion tour 2k6" tomorrow. but for now rachel is just too dang funny not to post about her already hilarious musings.

when rachel picks me up from the airport, and i presented her with a present. (and by present, i mean a bobble head figure of an orioles player that i had never heard of that i got for free at the one and only orioles game that i went to and was planning on throwing away until it dawned on me that rachel not only loves the orioles, she also loves bobble heads) ....... speaking of rachel loving bobble heads, here is a little morsel of a story that i hope that you will enjoy. when me and rachel were sophmores in college and we lived together in what we now lovingly refer to as "the shoebox", well one morning i woke up to go to an early class and was in a hurry, but was still not trying to disturb the rar. so as i'm hurrying out the door i turn around to grab my drink and BAM! my bag hit the beloved lance bass (the gay nsync boy) bobble head doll. lance went plunging toward the floor, but not before it bounced off my closet door, and his bobbling head snapped off it's inproportionate body. (i just made that word up) at this point i dont know what to do. (you must understand that this indeed was the "beloved" lance bass bobblehead. THE bobblehead that when tridelt asked it's new members to bring an object that they cherished, and everyone else brought old letters from deceased family members, or old blankets that their granny made for them, or other various sentimental objects, rachel chose also to bring her sentimental object.... her lance bass bobble head.) well when lance decided to take his live via a snapped head, i knew rachel's beloved would never be the same. and i had to do something about it. so i took the alleged broken bobble head in question and stashed him in my bag and went off about my day, contemplating about what i was going to do about the lance. so then it hit me, i'll just buy another one on ebay, and replace it before she realizes what has happened. so i did. i bought one and had it rush delivered to our apt. then promptly put lance back in his place and prayed that she wouldnt find out the truth. several days went by and i couldnt take it anymore, so i told rachel all the sorted details of the original lance bass bobble head. and what did she do? she laughed. she laughed hard. and through her laughter she said.. i cant believe you did that. i have an extra lance bass bobble head at home. .....WHAT??? she has a back up? a back up bobble head? if i had known THAT.... i would have broken his little head off on purpose. so that was the great lance debaccle. so when i presented this little "present" to rachel to day.... a present that i didnt really understand..... she screamed. (and just so you know... "they" frown up people screaming or causing a ruckus in or around the airport) she was delighted to say the least. and then she proceeds to tell me.... oh good! i had to get rid of the lance bass bobble head because i cant support homosexuality. ........all that to say. rachel rakes likes her some bobble heads. (is it strange that i write so much about rachel rakes in my journal)

so then on the ride home she says to me.... you know what my new pet peeve is? i hate it when people have their blinker on and i give them ample time to get over and they take 20 min to get over. and to that i responded... well do you know what my new pet peeve is? i hate it when people use the word ample to describe a girl's boobs or butt. (and for your sake, i hope you erupted with the kind of fun laughter that we did after this was said) is it not true?

then we had fashion show. girl's know what this is.... this is where we try on our cutest outfits and decide what to wear for the forthcoming homecoming weekend. i am currently trying to talk rachel out of red shoes, skinny jeans, and topless. if it was up to her. she would. this may take the rest of the night to talk her out of.

"morgan, you realize that no one thinks we are as funny as we do." -rachel rakes

Sunday, October 15, 2006

wuv. tru wuv.

i have heard someone once say that riding the jumpseat with someone is like going on a blind date. and it's true. when i go to work, i'm always kind of nervous about who i am going to sit jumpseat with, its kind of awkward at first, sometimes it's great, sometimes its horrible, there are always the same questions... what did you do before this, are you married, do you have kids, so on and so forth...... so i just got back from a trip where i was sitting next to a new guy. he was on his first month. so when i asked him what he did before this he said.... well i'm 58 years old, i've done alot of things. he told me that he had lived in california and opened up all kind of different restaurants, then he said that he moved to the east coast to marry his high school sweetheart...... i gave the obligatory "awww" ...but then he went on. he said... yeah we got married valentines day 2005 on the regis and kelly show. .....uhh....what?? then he told me one of the sweetest stories. the kind of stories that fairy tales and movies are made of. he said that him and his girlfriend broke up at the end of high school because she went to new york for art school, and he went to california to begin his restaurant business. ten years later he was walking on a beach and heard a familiar "Bo?".... she had recognized his voice and it was him. at the time they were both seeing other people so they visited for a while and then went their separate ways again. then about ten years later they met again. this time they were both single. they began dating and moved in together. then their house burned down and they lost everything. their relationship suffered too and they soon broke up and moved away from eachother again. about 15 years passed. they didnt speak. he got married. she got married. he got divorced. she got divorced. and after all these years, he still felt the same about her and wanted to find her. he got on one of those people finder web sites and started his search for her. but little did he know, she was doing the same thing. somehow the producers of the regis and kelly show got ahold of the story and decided to reunite them. on the show he was reunited with his old friend. then they began dating. they figured out that they still felt the same way and decided to get married. when they told the producers of the show, they were like.... well you have to let us give you a wedding. so they agreed and they had the most wonderful wedding and it was broadcast on national television. every year they go back to the show for their anniversary. he showed me pictures. it was amazing. he was telling me about all the perks of their wedding.... his wife had a 5 karat wedding ring, he had the wedding ring that brad pitt, you know... when he was married....before he got with that do-gooding whore. they had their reception at the 21 club in new york, they sent them on their honeymoon to the most luxurious resort in fiji, he said everything was the best of the best. but then he said... you know, those are just the things that the show gave us, it doesnt even compare to getting to be married to her. and our history. there's just so much substance to us. i love her and it's just.... i cant even describe it. it's amazing how everything just worked out. this is him.... at age 58!!! he said he got this job because his exwife (whom he is still very good friends with) has been a flight attendant here for 30 years and has really helped him with this job.
isn't that the most wonderful story?? zach braff should have made a movie about THIS story... it would have been better than scummy movie the last kiss.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


i write things down. and i dont easily throw things away. these two things combined... i found a list that i made with my roommates with of all of the nicknames we had for people in college. here are some of my favorites......
track alex, morgan's husband, the hermits, the one, the guy with the really good hair, floam raper, bad prom date, side ponytail girl, nice lindsey, cow, hoobity-boobity (in conjuntion with the shaggin' wagon), the redest rose in the garden, hawaii sarah, ruthie baby, yellow hat pigtails girl, ky-ky, the most annoying girl in the world, the little boy, abercrombie boy, naked amy, not so cute girl (who is the same as sharp teeth girl), amy B., bo-bo the clown, the loon, common grounds boy

and that got me thinking about nicknames that i've had. (or at least the ones i know about) i love nicknames. they're so endearing.
*when i was in middle school, my friends called me carrot. (long, stupid story)
*when i was in high school, my friends called me merg.
*only two people have consistently called me morgan reid.
*i only allow brew and haley to call me mo. i hate it. dont try it, i wont answer.
*senior year of high school, i secretly went by britney custin'.
*my aunt has always called me morgan pea pie. (i didnt like playing peek-a-boo. i only liked pea-pie. i was stubborn even back then)
*one of my favorite teachers ever always called me morgana.
*the standard nickname is morg.
*caroline reed and abbey have always called me moron. not one of my particular favorites.
*one of the "cool teenagers" when i was little at church called me streak.
*before i was born i was called baby Olajuwon .... or so i'm told.
*chad and rick have always called me Lucy. (they think i look like lucy from the peanuts.)

oh, and of course i'm friends with regina. we've met, went to a record signing of hers. we're practically bff. i'm speaking of regina spektor. if you havent heard of her before.... well... you wouldnt like her anyways.

here's a question....what is WRONG with people??? story. so a couple of weeks ago i was on a 4 hour flight. and i was shamelessly plane flirting with this guy. it's true. so he ends up coming to the back and talking for almost the whole flight. then he asked for my number.... so i'm thinking score. so i said sure.... and i start writing it down... 9-0-3.....and as i'm writing i ask, "so why are you going to nashville?" (still writing) 2-7-9...... and he says "oh to visit my girlfriend.....0-6-3-1 (note: that part after his answer isnt my phone number) then without skipping a beat i handed it to him and told him he should probably return to his seat. and by probably, i meant, if you dont i'm going to open this door and throw you out the window you disgusting creep.

you know... it's really not acceptable to go any amount of time with no toilet paper.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

a movie review. with some other stuff.

well i went to dallas to see rachel. (and if your reaction to this is "ugh, i cant believe you came to dallas and didnt tell me"... dont bother. apparently the distance from dallas to fort worth is entirely too far for some of you to travel. it's not too far for rachel so therefore i go to dallas to see her when i get the chance and not you.) and to see the last kiss. and now i feel that i must inform the masses. because i believe that the masses deserve to know..... do not. i repeat.... do NOT go see "the last kiss". i know that i was obsessing over it just a few weeks ago... but let me tell you... if there was ever a time for me to say that i was wrong..... it is now. it is an awful movie. i've never felt like that after seeing a movie. it's worse than Closer. i know some of you will go see it just because i have said not to. but i'm just warning you... dont do that to yourself. i will never see that movie again... unless i am feeling especially masochistic. i have lost all hope in people. in relationships. in the future. i know it's dumb for me to base loss of hope on a movie.... but the themes in this movie have truth in them. it happens everyday. it was a little too real for me. dont go see it. for all of you that wasted your money on the book "i kissed dating goodbye".....just go see this movie. not only will you want to kiss dating goodbye....you'll give it the finger!! i was just so mad after i saw it. like... yelling mad. i couldnt believe that i paid to see that. they should have called it... the last time you'll see this movie. or... the last time you'll believe that people are decent. even though i know jacinda barrett and zach braff are just actors...the mere thought or sight of them sickens me now. it's like....."i know you. and i know what you've done." however.. the soundtrack is outstanding. buy the soundtrack. skip the movie. rachel does an excellent job of reviewing this wretched movie as well.....

two stories now....

1) rachel astounds me. at the ripe old age of 23, the young lass did not know that deodorant is used to prevent you from sweating. it took about 5 minutes of me really trying to convince her that it was used for more than just making your armpits smell better. "rachel...what does "anti-perspirant" mean to you?"......and even then she was like .....'well...yeah...but......." she still didnt believe me. oh, and she also didnt know that nelly furtado was white. but that's a completely different story.

2) i live in ghettoville, USA. and to prove this to you i give you this story of the locals. so i'm driving to walmart....and there is a guy on the side of the road selling large prints. and one of them happens to be this one.....

except...since we are in the ghetto and all... it was the "black version" of it. i was a little offended.... i mean...come on....you would never see the "white version" of this painting.....

if either artist had wanted the figures to be black or white....they would have made them that way. i believe that making a white version of the latter painting .....well i believe you'd get yourself shot there.

let's talk about pressure for a little bit here.... in flight attendant training...it was never a guarantee to us that we would make it all the way through graduation. 12 people from my class got sent home during training. and now... for 6 months... the ones of us that made it through training are on what is called "probation". basically... i cant screw up or i get fired. since graduation.... they have given three people the boot. THREE! and we're only half way through probation. now that's some pressure. but you know what might be more stressful?? ....so i'm on this trip with this guy and girl a couple of days ago... and the guy says to me (i had never met him before).... 'oh i got so excited when i found out i was going to be working with someone named morgan because my fiance and i are about to have a little girl and we are going to name her morgan" .....oh well great. thats fine and all.... but now i have to put on my best version of "cool morgan" so he doesnt think that he is making a mistake naming his child morgan. i had to do the morgan's of the world justice. i mean... what if i was a total bitch on the trip and he hated me. dont tell me you dont associate people's names with other people you have known with the same name. for example.. i will never name my child brandy. i've never known a brandy who wasnt a complete ho. i will never name my child sarah. does the name sarah berg mean anything to you?.... anyone who knows this name knows that i'm talking about. i dont want my child to share her fate. or.... candice. candice blaylock tried to kill me in the 5th grade. (dont laugh. i'm serious) i know that girl has to be behind bars by now. you associate names with other people you know with the same name. there are other names...... let's just leave it at that.

Friday, September 15, 2006

on music and getting my fash' on??

hey remember that friends episode... the one where phoebe has a cold and she realizes that she has man voice??? yeah... thats what i sound like. except by the end of the episode she had gotten rid of hers..... and i've had mine for three days. add that to the list of things that suck.

can we talk about music for a little bit here? more specifically "pop music". i really dont know why everyone is against pop music. there is a time and a place for britney spears. dont act like there's not. but these alleged pop songs of today.... i really just dont get them. for instance... let's take fergie's new song.... "london bridge". she sings.... "how come everytime you come around my london, london bridge want to go down" .....now can anyone tell me what that means? i've never been to london... maybe it's a british thing. is it some kind of metaphor? 'my london bridge want to go down'... i wouldnt describe anything on my body as a bridge of some sort..... and here's another one.... the pussycat dolls (which are just shamelessly whore-ish... i've never met them... but i'm pretty sure they are the exact kind of girls that i would despise.....dont you wish your girlfriend was hot like me??.... what is that????..... i digress) anyways... they've got this song called "loosen up my buttons babe"..... huh? unzip my zipper would have made more sense than this. dont they know that its UNbutton. not loosen up my buttons. stupid girls. or here... lets make it even more simple.... just say: take off my clothes!! .......i'm a nelly furtado fan. it's true.... however... her new song.... "promiscuous girl".... you'll be out somewhere and you see everyone singing this song.... it's like.... do you people KNOW what you're saying. you might as well be wearing a shirt that says "i'm easy". nelly.... you've got a KID. a child. promiscuous girl? obviously. ....and while justin timberlake is trying very hard to bring sexy back.... i'm working equally as hard to bring back the j. lo butt and dancer thighs. .....but the saddest thing of all might be that i like these songs. i admit it. they come on and i turn into a dancing fool. i'm so ashamed.

i HATE today's "fashion". hate it. despise it. refuse to wear it. come on now... the 'skinny jean' and here's another one.... tights? dont you people recognize that this is nothing more than tapered jeans and leggings? the official fashion of accessory of middle schoolers and las vegas tourists? tapered jeans! they just think they can sell more of them by calling them "skinny". .....the big girl jean.... now there's a fashion trend i could get behind... or maybe get my behind into. i even saw a girl the other day sportin' jellies. i mean what's next???..... vests??? those big clunky mustered colored combat boots? doc martins? oh and here's another monstrosity..... belts over sweaters? come on now... we made FUN of the kappas for making their pledges wear those hideous sweaters with the big belts... and now it's considered FASHION?? (sorry kappa friends)... they would find a way to make it fashion. ju...i know you feel me on this one.

i just realized that it's friday. i had no idea what day it was. i never know what day it is. seriously. i hate that.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

things that suck: comcast. jamal lewis. facebook "news feed".

there are things that need to be said. i cannot hold it in anymore.

comcast sucks. it's true. comcast is our cable/internet provider here in baltimore. i would go into all the reasons, but i cant find a way to make it interesting. but apparently there are some people that have made a way to make it interesting. my roommate got so mad at comcast today that she googled "comcast sucks" and she came up with quite a plethora of others that not only agreed, but made entire websites devoted to the hatred of comcast and their suck service. like this one. and this one. oh and then the one on craig's list like this one. i am usually a big trash talker, but rarely follow through with my plans.....unless you really piss me off. then it's ON. i called comcast in rages with comments like "i want you to fix my internet. and i want you to fix it now. and i want to know what you are going to do about it." very veruca salt-esq, dont you think?.....of course i always ended my rant with 'i'm sorry to be so mean'. i cant help it. niceness becomes me. i should have had mom call them. she gets things taken care of.

so me and jess found a hookah lounge/sports bar. can you think of a better combination? well once we started talking to some of the 'locals', they informed us that jamal lewis was sitting right behind us. apparently he plays for the ravens. do the ravens even have fans? seriously? well anyways... before we left, since everyone else seemed to think he was some big shot... we went over and wanted to get a picture with him. he said....and i quote......'nah'. not 'no'. ....but 'nah'. i thought that was a little veruca salt-esq as well.....so i asked him why.....cause i would definitely never say 'nah' to someone wanting to take a picture with me. he said....and i quote......'i dont want it ending up on some sort of myspace or something.' .....myspace? he's worried about big bad myspace???? well he should have been worried about big bad morgan's journal because here is a picture of, said lewis. true it's not exactly of his face. and i could be making all of this up. but it's just to prove a point. jamal lewis, you suck. and i will never even think of supporting the ravens or your career because you were rude and ridiculous. seriously......myspace?

the new facebook feature has taken the sport of stalking to all new heights today. under the pretense of "news feed", you can now find the latest news on all your friends/enemies. but really..... i could care less to know that some guy that i talked to maybe once in high school has changed one of this favorite movie preferences 12 minutes ago. and how sad is it that people's love lives are strewn about all over facebook. and if that wasnt enough as well.... if you decide to exit a relationship and change your "status", there is a little broken heart symbol by your name. did facebook ever think that maybe one of the said people in relationship would like to replace that with a happy face? i mean..... someone had to be the "dumper", surely only one of them should have a broken heart. i think that facebook is really the government in disguise. it knows everything. i checked it today and it said....."morgan, you ate 104 m&m's, and watched the same lifetime movie. twice. all before lunch". jamal, you should stop worrying about myspace...... it's facebook that you should really be scared of. well that, and "the rhythm".... because eventually.....the rhythm is going to get you.

Friday, September 01, 2006

concerts and secrets.

first order of business..... does anyone want to go see nickel creek with me in dallas on sept. 13? they're playing at the gypsy tea room. guster is playing the night after them. i want to go to both. i'm serious as a heartattack. or caner. or hypothermia. all very serious. oh and i'm also very serious that i wish i was going to be in waco this sunday.

roadtrip was successful today. it rained. i got wet. i didnt even care. the exhibit wasnt as grandiose as i thought it would be. but it was fun. if you dont know what postsecret is... then please go here and find out.

it's pronounced red-ding. not reading. as in read.

cameras werent allowed..... so i went stealth with the in-the-purse trick.

the double sided cards.

they're true.

there were other parts of the museum..... will there ever come a time where i dont think it's cool to take pictures of bears and say sic 'em? .... i'll work on it.

but i just came back. i was getting braver with the camera.

then i completed my day in reading, PA by finding this awesome little obscure music store. think: high fidelity. they even had the tiny buttons.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

i love you more than marching bands and cookie making?

a very strange. and most would say...unfortunate thing has been happening to me. ....of course you all know about the great hair debacle of 2k6....which would be "the one where i cut all my hair off ". (the great hair debacle of 2k5 was "the one where all my hair fell OUT".... 2k7 looks promising? i digress....) if that wasnt enough... we now have another tragedy to go along with it.... before i whacked off all my hair i was occasionally told that i looked like britney spears. .... which i never really thought i looked very much like her.... but i'm not not one to argue.... so think what you shall. not so much sure what a compliment that would be now.... but i would take it over the new quasi-celebrity that i am told that i look like. trust me.... i should be so lucky to get b.spears.... because now i get.... juliette lewis. you know..... juliette lewis.... as in 'The Other Sister', juliette lewis. and now .... i cant figure out which one is worse...... britney "i-cant-keep-my-pants-on-when-white-trash-is-around" federline.... or juliette "i-sported-cornrows-when-i-went-to-the-oscars-with-brad-pitt,-gee-no-wonder-he-broke-up-with-me" lewis. oh for shame.

well anyways..... i've got today and tomorrow off. i almost came to texas... but everyone was busy, so i've decided to take a little road trip tomorrow. i'm going to go up to pennsylvania to check out the postsecret exhibit. at least it will give me something to do. i shall report back. oh and i do suggest you go and see little miss sunshine. it's a good one.

rat update..... so my landlord informs me today that the exterminator will be coming back to check on the poison he set out for them. she says to be "yeah he came in there and started tearing down their home".....their home? she called it their home? like.... a residence??? so i've been LIVING with a FAMILY of rats???? (she likes to correct me and tell me that they are mice..... well i dont care what they are..... they are rodents, they have four legs, they were not invited, and they are mice.... as in plural!!!) i pretty much stay sequestered in my room while i'm at home... and if for some strange reason i need to go into the kitchen.... i bang around on everything and stomp around so that the rats will scurry away to their "home"......

you should never hit someone's car and then drive off. it is mean. and illegal.

Friday, August 25, 2006

this journal entry might require a large bag of popcorn.

all good things must come to an end. .... and well.... it happened. i had my first breakdown since i moved away from texas. and usually i dont use this outlet to vent about such depressing events in the life of morgan, but hey, i know there are some of you who still derive joy from my pain.... so have a field day.....

being an adult sucks. completely sucks. this is about the age you realize how amazing your parents are for seemingly keeping it all together while i foolishly 'danced through life'.... i realize now what a waste of breath advice is. there is no amount of prepping that anyone could have told me that would have prepared me for "baltimore" ....or my twenties. remember when we were in college and whenever you met someone new the conversation usually consisted of about three questions..... where you from? what is your major? and where do you live? ..... well when i go on a trip that is usually the conversation i have with the crew. the questions are only slightly altered...... where are you based? what did you do before this? .....and are you married?...... when i answer no to the last question, they always follow it up with 'how old are you'.... and when i tell them 23, they kinda give a courtesy laugh and say 'ohhhh you're young, you've got plenty of time" ...plenty of time for what?.....what is that supposed to mean? .....can someone tell me that? my mom would laugh at me, and say they were just trying to have a conversation. it's just what you say..... well i say no. i'm striking. is there some magical marriage timeline that i dont know about? i went to baylor.... i'm pretty sure they never told us about this alleged magical marriage timeline in my MRS.101 class. (and you thought they were just kidding about that mrs. degree thing huh?) little do they know.... all of my close friends (except for my "single wonder" partner in crime rachel. who is currently beating them off with a stick at lockheed martin. dont leave me now rach.) are either married, engaged, or about to be engaged. and for that i hate you. well.... most of you.... some of you i just sit back and go haha suckas. .......now... if i'm still 'young'.....should i be worried the day that someone asks me how old i am.... and then they dont follow it up with 'oh you're so young'??? it's like they feel pity. i'm single. not diseased. and not contagious. oh and the holiday season is upon us. which means more conversations where the 'single police' aka.... my family, all individually have to ask me....'so morgan... met anyone nice yet? seeing anyone? been on any dates lately?' .....haha suckas... i'm going to combat you this year with this response.... i'm a lesbian...... trick on you... we'll see if you ever ask me any questions about my love life ever again! ..... now.... all that being said...... i am really enjoying being single. (usually this is something that only lonely people say to make themselves feel better...... kinda like the same losers....who every couple of months try and convince everyone that they are happy now..... 'i'm happy now.....no....wait..... i've really "found" myself.... i know i said i was happy then.... but now i'm REALLY happy....no....no.... wait.... NOW i'm happy. i know what i said a few months ago....but now i really really meant it. SHUT UP! ) i can do whatever i want. i can eat whenever i want. i spend my money on me. i can go see whatever movie i want to. i never have to consult anyone on anything. 'what do you want to do today morgan' .... 'i dont know morgan, what do you want to do'. i'm in the most serious relationship of my life right now...with my ipod. i love him.

i dont know where that just came from..... that wasnt part of the breakdown at all. ok.....slowly stepping away from the soapbox now..... back to the the breakdown. so i've had a couple of days off and i've been trying to get some things organized.... i.e., my bills, my benefits, car insurance, bank stuff, medical insurance. paying bills is just stressful. trying to make sure you get everything paid correctly and on time. and then you've got mom ringing in your ears about how important it is to pay bills on time. i get it. (not really.)..... then i'm trying to trick the government into making them think that i still live in texas..... and then on top of that.... cvs wouldnt give me my requip...also known as, the sweet sweet candy. by this time i had just had it. i went into cvs....lookin rough.... and frustration mounting..... and of course they were rude. typical baltimore. i'm not going to go into the details of the day. it was just a long, stressful day of disappointments. the final straw came when the cvs lady handed me the prescription..... i had had enough at this point. she asked me some idiotic question. i looked at her and yelled "FORGET IT!!" and stormed out of the store. yeah.... i lost it. it was a scene kinda out of 'father of the bride' where george banks goes to the grocery store and refuses to pay for the "superfluous buns" for the hot dogs. i marched out of that place in tears. the worst kind of tears.... frustration tears. not only are you frustrated....but you're crying.... then you're frustrated because you're crying ....which makes you even more frustrated....so you cry some more.... oh it's a vicious cycle. .....luckily my dad called. after i went on and on about things that were seemingly petty...he asked 'so morgan, what's really going on?' ..... i honestly didnt know...but what it finally came down to is that..... i just dont like this place. i dont like baltimore. (rachel you might want to quit reading at this point....because i'm about to completely bash you're dear old state of maryland. and i know it's really rude to bash someone's hometown, and i dont want you to experience that....so just do yourself a favor and quit reading) .....baltimore....ghetto capital of the world. the whole state is the 'hood'. the people here dont scare me. (like my dad used to say....if anyone took you.... they'd bring you back) these people frustrate me. nothing in this place makes sense. not even the roads. in texas........ you drive down the highway.... you see something you want and you pull off to get it. if you go too far.... you exit and make a uturn. here..... you cant see what you are going to exit towards. and its NEVER what you want. and even if you exit to go towards one direction .... you'll end up going a completely different one. they dont do 'uturns' here. and they're all so RUDE! so so rude. there is NO need to be that rude. just saw a poll the other day.... baltimore is the third angriest city in the united states. THIRD. ANGRIEST. angry people everywhere..... i'm not an angry person. this doesnt sit well with me. i miss texas. i miss mexican food. i miss college. i miss white people. i miss dancing. i miss whataburger. and taco c. i miss accents. i miss 70mph speed limits. but most of all i just miss my friends and family. and i guess thats the hardest part. the people. i havent met anyone here who i have been like 'wow.... i'd like to hang out with you again. or... wow... i'd like to talk to you again. or... you're so interesting.... or well groomed. nope. people here suck. my friends are flight attendants. and we're never home at the same time. i miss people. i miss MY friends. i dont want new friends. i wont be here for long. i'm thinking a year or two.... and then i'm out. out of maryland. forever. (you read it anyways, didnt you rachel?)

if you have made it this far in the journal.... i would like to say thank you. you are the people that i'm missing so much right now. and you're probably thinking to yourself....wow how did she have all this free time to write such a lengthy entry about her depressing breakdown, and why am i still reading it? well my friends.....that is because if all of that wasnt enough for a wrecked week.... heres another little morsel for ya.... i'm tied to my chair. ok.... not literally "tied".....let me explain. so i'm laying on the couch in the living room... enjoying me some Rent..... when what to my wondering eyes should appear....but a rat. a real life rat. as in Splinter.... the rat. not stuart little. it ran across my kitchen floor. it was as if the whole world stopped. the movie, the music, my heart. just stopped. i didnt scream.... outloud. i just sat there staring at my kitchen door. at this time i jumped up, and called my landlord (eyes never leaving the kitchen) left a message for them.... and then i called my sure-fire. all-time. always-there. mitas-touch. freak-out buddy....ryan. ryan has been there when i was sick. when i needed the scores to an important game. when i thought someone was breaking into my house when i was alone in houston. and now.... when i saw a rat and didnt know what to do. of course....the thing i forget in these situations is that ryan is in TEXAS. there is nothing he can really do about it. but i know he'll let me whine and yell and completely freak out and somehow by the end of the conversation.... he makes it ok. never the less.... ryan's advice to me was that i kill it. .... oh yeahfreakinright. i aint going back in there near it.... is what i kept yelling. so this is what i ended up doing.... closing the door to the kitchen and stuffing all my towels under the door. and every once in a while banging on the door. as if to keep splinter from trying to escape. after doing this... i realized that i have locked the rat in my kitchen. with all my food. but more importantly....... all my diet coke. and i just went to the grocery store yesterday! however.... this is the single best diet plan i've ever been on. want to lose weight? put a rat in your kitchen. not only will you never think about entering your kitchen.... but you would actually rather the rat eat all your food than come face to face with it again. so after i did that. i jumped up on my chair. .... and i havent left yet. except to specualte with the sweet couple downstairs who are living in sin to question them about our "rat problem". they suggested "have a heart" rat traps. you know... the ones that catch the rodents...but dont kill them..... i suggest 'hell no'. i want it dead. and i want a diet coke. now.

and that's pretty much it. i'm leaving for a trip in a few hours. so at least i dont have to slumber party with the rat tonight. please dont worry about me. i miss all of you. and if anyone would like to come see me, there is nothing in this world that would make me happier. but truly, i'm ok. i just had a bad day. i still absolutely love my job. my job makes even the worst of days ok.

and now a list of disclaimers. here is a list of people that i might have offended in today's journal entry, but didnt mean to. well.. not entirely.... my family. rachel. the lesbian community. black people. couples living in sin. couples in general.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Thursday, August 17, 2006

compelation of thoughts

snakes on a plane. who's billiant idea was this? hmmm.... i mean.... really....why dont we just combine morgan's worst fear with something she does on a daily basis. this is one movie that i can say with 100% confidence that i will NEVER..... EVER see. there is no dollar amount that you could pay me to see this movie. i wont even read reviews. what's next? ...... coming to a theatre near you... snakes at burger king? ...... snakes in the grocery store?...... no place is safe for morgan.

you know it's going to be a good voicemail when it starts out...... "morgan. this is chris ables. your best friend from high school. remember, we went to prom together"..... he starts every late night phone call with that beginning line.... note: we did not go to prom together.

i had a guy on the plane the other day that was inquiring about food. he says.... are we going to have like a snack or anything?.. granted this was only an hour flight, so we told him that we had peanuts. and he says,'well if i start now, can we see how many i could eat?' .... he was very hungry. now... we are still on the ground at this time. so one of the flight attendants goes in the back and grabs an entire bag of peanuts. not just an individual bag of peanuts..... she grabbed a big bag that holds roughly 25 individual bags of peanuts. at the end of the hour we had the whole plane fist pumping and yelling, "WILL! WILL! WILL! WILL!"..... it was awesome. i dont know where him and his friends were going... but will was gonna be some kind of sick.

i swear....i cannot get away from delilah. you know who i'm talking about..... that lady on the easy listening radio station late at night, with the oh-so creepy voice. i hate delilah. her voice is not soothing, it is creepy. and while we are going with this hateful segment of the journal today, i'd like to say this..... go to hell n'kimbe.

i've decided. the laziest people on earth are those people who stand still on the moving walk ways at airports. extra points if you are eating ice cream while standing still. however, have you ever been in a really big hurry at the airport and actually gotten on one of those where you could really truck it? you start moving your legs and you look around you and everything is moving so fast, and you almost believe you have super power walking skills......until you reach the end of the moving walkway and you step on to still ground without realizing it and you trip and almost eat it... if you have never experienced this... i suggest you try it. or.... just watch for a flight attendant to come along.... you would think we would learn our lesson.

there was a time. a few days ago. i was thinking about shutting down the journal again. i thought i had lost "the funny".... that's the only purpose of this thing anyways. who cares what i do or think on a daily basis....unless i can make it entertaining.

and thats all. well.... that and i think i'm going deaf.

Monday, August 14, 2006

give it to me.

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses.... no...wait....just give me your address.

seriously. if you've already given it to me then i've already got it. i'm not engaged. i'm not pregnant. and no, i'm not stalking you. ok.....maybe i am. i just like to send people things.... like postcards, and large, expensive, extravagant gifts. dont you want those things? so fork it over.

oh and also... if you are ever flying southwest. tell me what flight you are on, and i'll see if i know any of the crew that will be on your flight.... or i could try to pick up the trip and work it.... OR... if i'm not working... then i'll just take the flight with you and then fly back to baltimore!! it will make your whole airport experience sooo much better. no lines. i'll carry on your liquids for you. and we'll get the best seats on the plane! how much fun will that be? i'm serious.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

marry me, fly for free.

i've got the coolest job ever. it's true.... but even the coolest job ever has some downfalls. i ask myself every day... what is WRONG with people? this past month i have flown the same route every week. and as far as passengers are concerned... denver people are strange. i dont have any other word but strange to describe them as. you never really know what you are going to get on a flight. and they arent like weird like "austin,tx weird".... they are just peculiar people in general. long island passengers are old and like coffee. and LA passengers.... they are horrible horrible people that dont deserve to live. i mean..... fly. dont deserve to fly. i could write books about these people. i hate west coast flights. ...i think that i'm comfortable enough now that i wouldnt freak out if someone i knew ended up on one of my flights. so what i'm going to need you all to do is start booking flights on my trips. ;-) .....how much fun would that be? and you know what i'm always shocked at... the amount of people who eat peanuts on a flight. it's almost as if they feel as if it's what they should be doing. kinda like going to starbucks if you're in NY. i've never seen so many peanut eating people in my life.

ok, if you are going to fly:

  • ask for the whole can of coke. this will ensure your drink is not small, watered down, or flat.
  • SPEAK UP. we cant hear on the plane. and if you are whispering we are going to bring you a gingerale just to spite you. and gingerale is gross.
  • dont use the pillows on the plane. sick.
  • ask nicely. i would do anything for someone on that plane if they would just ask nicely.
  • if your eyes are closed..... we assume you are asleep, and the last thing we want to do is wake a sleeping passenger. those are my favorite kind. therefore... dont you cop no 'tude with me if you didnt get a coke or a snack pack. caaaaalm down... you're gonna upset ya wound!!
  • oh wait.... let me guess.... you're gonna "write a letter".
  • do not use the flight attendant call button just to have us pick up one little piece of trash. did you not see me walking up and down the aisle 12 times with a large white trash bag?
  • if the captain has made the flight attendants sit down for turbulence. then.. SIT DOWN. bad bad things happen during turbulence.
  • do not ask for half de-caf/ half regular coffee. i will spit in your drink.
  • tomato juice has got to be made from this sickest ingredients on earth. it is the most disgusting thing ever. i was flying on a trip with this lady the other day and on our third day she finally commented... 'did you know that every time you have had to take a tomato juice out.... you have called it 'that nasty ole tomato juice'.' i guess i hadnt... but i'm pretty sure it is the official juice of satan. and it stains my required white tennis shoes.
  • be cool. passengers can make or break a ride. i had some passengers that insisted that i play holdem with them for at least one round. they were great and made the trip go by so much quicker. we like to talk to people. we like to flirt. we like to play with little kids. we like to play jokes. we like to have a good time.
  • every LOVES a singing flight attendant. i sang on my first flight the other day. it was fun, but the response was even better.
  • and on that note... you wont always get a fun crew. sometimes you will get a cut and dry crew that wont be fun, or tell jokes, or sing. and sometimes you'll get a crew that sings TOO much, and tells TOO many jokes.
  • we never know what day it is, and we dont know where we've been, and we probably cant tell you where we are at the moment.... but we can tell you exactly how long it is before we get home.
  • in the middle of a flight, do not ask a me ...."where are we right now?".... well i dont know...why dont you look outside and read the road signs! i mean.... seriously?
  • when we're coming around to take drink orders... do not ask "what do you have?" ....we made the announcements about 15 times to look at the beverage menu page in spirit magazine. what do you want to drink and i'll tell you what we have. i might spit in your well deserved gingerale if you ask me this.
  • oh, and we know you dont listen to the announcements. it only bothers us sometimes..... like when you ask "what do you have?"
  • do not. i repeat... do NOT leave ANY trash in an airplane. do you hear me? do not let me catch you doing this. we come by so so many times to pick up your trash. ugh.
  • the only thing that we really like you to leave behind is magazines. especially the good ones like InSyle, or Domino, or any hair mag! i'm pretty sure that i know more about ashlee simpson right now than i do about some of my friends!
  • oh and finally... if you are going to fly.....fly southwest... cause no one loves you, or your money more than us at southwest!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

catastrophe. confrontation. celebrity. comforting coinsidence.

i just got back from a trip. my first trip with a handful of stories. so i get all ready to go for my trip on thursday and i get all my stuff together. suitcase. check. cell phone. check. food bag. check. badge. uhhh...... where did i?.... where is my....... and that went on for about 5 seconds before i bust into screams and hysterics. i was like, 'way to go morgan, this is it. all this work and you're fired on your third week. this is it. say goodbye. what are you gonna do now?' basically my whole life flashed in front of my eyes and i'm pretty sure i saw myself walking the streets of baltimore with a will work for diet coke sign. yeah. my almost-put-together-and-clean room was suddenly ripped to shreds by morgan the tazmanian devil in a matter of 3 minutes. i called my supervisor, still in hysterics, and told him i was in biiiiiiiig trouble. and to make a long story short... i got to see just how fast my car goes now to frantically get to the airport in barely enough time to get a new badge and get myself on a plane. one of the most freaked out i've ever been. but then i get on the plane. and i calm down a little bit, and as i make my way to my position on the plane for boarding, i can see there is a little bit of a scuffle going on between some of my passengers. i finally get to the over wing window rows and there is a business man type and a cute old man having a heated discussion about who gets to sit where. in the end, the old man could not sit in the exit row and the business man was not about to give up his well earned extra leg room. so i, in the kindest way i knew how, told the cute old man that he had to move seats. he didnt like this very much. and suddenly, the cute old man, quickly turned into the crochety old man. he started cussing and yelling. "you know, you're a real piece of work buddy.... " it was bad. so i had my first celebrity on board on this trip. it was trishelle from the real world. .......i dont really know if she could really be called a "celebrity". i mean, she got her fame from being a whore. if that's all it takes to be a celebrity, i know a lot of girls from high school who should be really upset because they fit this criteria perfectly. since being gone, i cling to anything texan. anyone who gets on my plane that is wearing texas memorabilia or even a cowboy hat is going to get to talk to me. :-) the other day in LA i was talking to some passengers who were harassing me about my accent. after i finished with them, a girl got my attention and said "did you just say you were from texas? i used to live in dallas" me: oh i live near dallas. her: yeah well i went to baylor and then i moved..... i cut her off, and so excitedly said: i went to baylor too!!! .... so we talked about when we graduated and what we majored in. and then i asked the inevitable, ....so were you in a sorority? her: yeah, i was a pi phi. ...then i had the biggest "OH MY GAWD" moment and had to calm myself down enough to nonchalantly say "me too!" ......... all her drinks that day were free.

Monday, July 24, 2006

make a wish

did anyone else see the make a wish program on ESPN? (of course you didnt. who do i know that would be up at 3am watching random shows on espn?) it was on a few weeks ago. well anyways.... i'm pretty sure i now want to sell all my earthly possessions and give everything to the make a wish foundation. so here's another random question... does anyone know anyone who works for make a wish? or have any connections to them? .... just thought i'd ask.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Me: *yawn*... jess what do you want to do today?
Jessica: i dont know, what do you want to do today?
Me: wanna go to the beach?
Jessica: sure.
Me: there's a flight leaving in an hour to ft. lauderdale
Jessica: book it.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

my life doesnt suck.

so, i've got the greatest job in the world, by the way! i just keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. seriously. life has been a whirlwind lately, and i guess it will be like this for a while. in a matter of about a month, everything in my life has changed. i've got a new job. new roommate. new address. new car. new adventures. new state. new schedule. new haircut. new friends. new life. (the word 'new' looks strange after you look at it over and over.) however, this is not to say that i dont miss my friends and family back home..... when i left texas, my mom threw me a surprise party. if you know me at all, i love. love. love. surprises. i like to surprise other people, however, its very hard to surprise me, but if anyone could do it, it would be mom. it was great. karen came and 'kidnapped' me for the afternoon, and when i walked back into my house, everyone that has ever meant anything to me was standing in my living room. it was amazing. my two best friends in the entire world both drove in to come to it. it meant the absolute world to me. i was bouncing off the walls for the next week. i was truly surprised, and will always be truly grateful to mom for doing that for me!

its so funny when people call me, they always sound so surprised that i answer the phone. i'm not gone ALL the time, guys! right now, i'm only working about 15 days out of the month. i dont have any really fun stories yet. my last trip, i had a flight with about 100 athletes from the special olympics. i'm pretty sure this will forever be one of my favorite flights. they were so fun, and so kind. their coaches thanked us for our generosity towards them, but i told them that they were kinder and better passengers than every customer i had had that week. they were just so excited to be on a plane. they all raised their hands in the air, roller coaster style, when we took off.

i miss you guys. please keep in touch.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Southwest Airlines has changed my life.

i used to get really irritated and annoyed with people when they would say, "you're going to flight attendant training for FOUR weeks? why? all you do is serve peanuts" but at the same time, i was thinking what AM i going to be doing for four weeks? well.... now i know. i graduated from Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant training today. and i have to say, after these four weeks, i have never been so happy. These have been the most intense four weeks of my life. i have been living in a hotel in dallas for the past month (for those of you in dallas that i didnt get to see, it's not that i dont love you and desperately wanted to see you, it's that i studied more in the last four weeks than i did for any amount of time in college. seriously. with 4 tests a week, things got kinda hectic.) but even though i am happier than i have ever been, it wasnt like this for all four weeks. its was hard. i wish i had kept up with this journal from start to finish. the first day of school was the most terrifing experience i've ever encountered. i've never felt like that before. we all quickly came to the realization that they would, in fact, send you home from training. we had 11 people from our class get sent home. it was very rocky and very scary for a while. but i have never been so rewarded for my efforts though. i'll hit the highlights of training that everyone always asks about. i got to go down the escape slide, put out fires, ride on the simulator aircraft and experience a simulated crash landing and smoke filled cabin leading to an evacuation onto the wing of the aircraft, i leared how to kick terrorist butt, i learned secrets that i cannot reveal or i'd have to kill you, i got to go out on my training flight and got to fly in the cockpit at night, heading straight for a thunderstorm (it was the most beautiful sight i've ever seen) i learned how to save your life and most importantly, i got my wings!
There was an article written many years ago that said that it is easier to become a navy seal, or be accepted to MIT than it is to be hired by southwest airlines. i LUV swa. i have met some of the neatest people. i got to see the lady that recommended me for hire yesterday and it was like meeting a celebrity. i'm so proud of my job title, i'm so proud of my company, i'm so proud of my wings. i've never cried so much from sheer joy in all my life as i have these last couple of weeks.
i'm going to be based out of baltimore. and in the most spontaneous move of my life, i'm just going to pack up and move there. i'm going to live with another girl from my class. and i'm going to love every minute of it. i cant wait to go to work. however, have you seen my uniform?? i cant decide which one i look more like; a sports authority employee or a six flags employee. i hate khakis, and will now be wearing them almost everyday. yippee for high waisted khakis and tennis shoes.
so i tried to cut out some of the cheesy-ness of this entry, and i simply couldnt do it. even now, i've got this goofy grin on my face. i'm pretty sure i'm wear my wings to sleep tonight.
Thank you allison, sarah, and karen for calling today. i really appreciate your support.
i cant wait to go out on line, so i can begin to collect stories to retell on here.

Friday, June 09, 2006

oh. God.

there is a little girl beauty pageant..... ahem.... "scholoarship" "program" going on at our hotel this week.

seriously? who does that?

ladies and gentlemen, i give you the future of our country... four year olds in full makeup. lookin like square dancing hookers, and Toys R' Us Hos.

if you see nothing wrong with this.... then something is seriously wrong with you. and i probably think you're crazy. and by that i mean..... totally insane.

did you people learn nothing from Jon Bene Ramsey?

what is WRONG with people?

oh wait... wait... i think that they are now holding the crazy, overbearing, vicariously-living, controlling mother contest.... and all the mothers of those poor girls are entered. and the prize...... a good shaking and/or beating.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

NBA finals!


great game. and it ended with the mavs going to the finals!!!!! first time EVER..... we're going to the finals! (lots of these: !!!!!!)

i want to go to a finals game so bad. for the love, i'm IN DALLAS!

i'm so excited!!

i know there are many new things in my life that necessitate an update, but i just dont have time and/or energy to do so.

Monday, May 22, 2006

love is a battlefield.

so.... i cut my hair. and i dont mean, like, i took a few inches off. no. i took like FEET off my hair. my hair is the shorest it has ever been in my whole life. you see, i've always wanted to cut my hair really really short. and i'm not even upset that i cut all my hair off, i'm just upset at how it looks now that i have done this. it's one of those things that is fun for a few days, maybe, and then you want your long hair back. i've decided that it is better if i warn people about this rather than just "surprise" them. i would like to say that its short in the way that sienna miller and mandy moore had short hair, but in reality, i think i would rather have to say its short like pat benatar short. and that is unfortunate.

the day that it happened, i went and got it cut then came home and had a low grade stroke. vince and amanda had gone to work out, but they were the only ones that i could get ahold of in this crisis situation. (trust me, if you had seen it, you would consider it a crisis too) so i called them and told them i was coming to them. so i reluctantly slip in, and here comes amanda and she gives me the exact look that i was expecting. it was the, "OH. MY. GOSH. what-have-you-done-but-i'm-trying-to-look-like-i'm-not-shocked look". so she tries to tell me "it's not that bad" but of course she's lying. so i start yelling "not that bad? NOT THAT BAD?? amanda... i look like a DYKE! i look like a DYKE!" at which point she hurriedly shuffles me outside so i'm not in the middle of 24 hour fitness shouting this. all she can do at this point is laugh, and all i can do yell. vince finally comes outside and they discuss whether or not i look younger or older in my rocker haircut, which really is of no importance right now. i just cut off all my hair, do we understand the level of importance here? well... they were of no help, so i called amol, because i thought he would be able to comfort me in some way. and when i told him that i cut off all my hair he goes "WHAT?? you did WHAT?" ok so he didnt understand. boys... if you are ever around a girl that has just gotten what she believes is the worst hair cut of her life...... that is not exactly the time to tell her how hot she was with longer hair. and you shouldnt tell the girl who takes everything personally, "dont take it personally". i'm just sayin..... (however, he did make it up to me, and for that i appreciate him)

well after i called and told my parents, they had me on suicide watch for about a week. and i've heard "its not that bad".... and ..."hair grows", more times than i can count. i was telling amanda that it seemed that everywhere i went after i cut off my hair, people would look at me, it was as if they KNEW i had just cut off my hair and they were all ridiculing me. they were all looking at me like "what have you done?". and amanda didnt believe me, until we were on the elevator with some random woman, and she saw it. she saw the look.

well i've now had the new 'do for about a week and a half. and there are times where i look at it and really like it. but most of the time i still want to put a paper bag over my head before i walk out the door. i'm trying to gain the courage to post a picture of it on facebook. i cant do it. not yet. i need to get a little more used to it. the worst part of it all is that i dont feel like myself when i look in the mirror. i think that feeling is worse than the actual haircut.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

ancient history

this day in history. do you remember what happened one year ago?

it's amazing how things can change in a year.

...ok i'm done with the references now.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

based on a true story.

are you gonna say anything? i'm not going to break. I"m starting to get a little freaked out, but i'm not going to break. it's not that i dont care, because i do care, what you think about me, i do..... care. i just cant tell you what you want to hear. which seems to be a theme in my life right now. just because you cant say something doesn't mean you dont want to. You can want to very much. And you can be with a person, and be happy with them, and not love them. And you can love someone and not want to be with them. you dont need to love someone to want them. oh thats frustrating. you know, when your brain tells you what you want and what you acutally want dont match up, it's exhausting. and... oh it's complicated. but that's life. and life....... sucks.

Monday, May 15, 2006


this makes me laugh everytime. http://video.mediapost.com/Citi_Darrel_30_FINAL.html

hero of the day: my rewind button on tivo.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

May 14.

it's been a year.

it's been an entire year since i graduated. i view graduation as such an ugly word now. this day, one year ago, was hands down the saddest day of my life. i've never felt loss like that before. loss of friends, loss of childhood, loss of Baylor. just thinking about it makes me sad. all day long everyone was congratulating me and giving me presents but all i wanted to do was stay. i felt like my whole world was ripped from underneath me. my parents had to literally pull me away from my apt. i was recounting graduation day with someone the other day. the book, forgetting my collar and having to go back and get it, the scarf jaclyn gave me, packing up, the saddest goodbye ever in recorded history, the ride home.

i live in a constant state of "i miss you" now. i have probably uttered that phrase more in the past year than i have in my entire life. sometimes that is all i have to say to people. i used to know where all my friends were at any given time of the day, now i dont even know where some of them are or what they are doing. the people that i was so used to seeing on a daily basis, i havent seen some of them since graduation.

however. if you had told me on this day one year ago all the things that i would do in the coming year, i would have laughed and probably freaked out.

i miss you baylor. and everything you represented.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

life. May 10th.

things about today:

*we had a fire drill at work today. i have been practicing for fire drills my whole life. and i'd say i've gotten pretty good at it. i've always gotten out before alleged fire has engulfed the building. and now... i'm ready for the real thing. i thought i was ready in college... but i obviously was not, since i ran out of the building in the middle of the night with half my clothes on, a towel wrap, and my turbie twist in my hair (and no, sadly enough, i had not just gotten out of the shower). but after today's drill.... i am ready. bring it on.

*i'm sure my husband will be fabulous. in fact, i'm counting on it, but a small part of me wishes that i had found the love of my life at baylor. i want to take super cute engagement pictures on campus, i want someone to understand SING and what a big deal it is, i want someone not to tease me about how terrible our football team is and understand that we are good at other things. i want him to understand what a wonderful wonderful place that it is.

*why is it that two days before you get a much needed haircut... all the sudden every hair on your head falls into place? can anyone answer me this?

*i just found the most AMAZING music website. seriously, amazing. i'm not going to share it....because...well... i'm musically selfish... but its awesome.

*so it's NBA playoff time. i love playoffs. i love when the mavs and the suns are BOTH in the playoffs. but here's the dilemma i would have if i played pro basketball. i'm extremely loyal. and i would have a very hard time switching teams. I dont like the spurs, but because van excel and finley are now a playing for them, i like them a little bit better. and if you are van excel and you are getting completely spanked by your former team, do you start missing the green and blue jersey you used to wear? i think of it like this..... i was a pi phi, and if all the sudden i got traded to be a theata (i'd just quit playing if i was drafted to some "teams", sorry rar, i'd get the manager to draft you to my team anyways) and all the sudden i wear different letters across my chest, and i wear different colors, i dont think i would like that very much. i like the thetas just fine, and i think i could get along with them, but they play different from my former team, and what about all my old friends on the pi phi team? that's just got to be so weird for a player. i know its just a game, but that game is their life. i couldnt do it.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Dear "my future husband",

Share my life, take me for what I am
Cause I'll never change all my colors for you
Take my love, I'll never ask for too much
Just all that you are and everything that you do

i'll love you forever,

p.s. it turns me on when you wear your seat belt. ....whereever you are, i hope you are wearing your seatbelt.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

who died and made you nadia?

Do you know the joy of swimming in a foam pit?
Do you know why you kick one leg up on the tramp?
Do you how tough skin smells?
Do you know what it feels like to unintentionally straddle the beam during a trick?
Do you know who nadia, mary lou, kim, and dominique are and worship them like gods?
Do you know what it means to get to train at Bela's gym?
Do you know how ridiculous everyone looks in team leotards and team pictures?
Do you know that being presented is way more stressful than the actual competition?
Do you know that for the rest of your life, your hands will callus up everytime you grip or hold on to something too tightly?
Do you know the look of disappointment and heard the 'you have so much potential' speech from Martin and Sasha?
Do you know the pain of team handstand pushups?
Do you know what it like to be fearless?

until recently i had forgotten. ever think about how different your life would have been by only making one little decision? where would i be now if i had continued and gone to gym 7days a week? where would i have gone to school? who would my friends be? My God, what would my body look like?

.... ah. shoot.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

four words.

for those of you (megan) who have complained that my journal entries are too long.... let me just sum up this post in four words: I am an idiot.

now for the rest of the story.

well let me just tell you about a little story from this weekend. this was probably one of the most eventful weekends i have had in a long time but the story i am going to share with you is from this past saturday. on saturday, i got up and went to go run errands. (I LOVE running errands on Saturdays. It is my time to be all alone. I’m with someone else 24 hours a day. Its nice to be all by myself for a while. and be some place where no one knows where i am) anyways…. last october, while looking for a birthday present for my mom, I wondered into an antiques shop to look around for awhile. well, while i was there i saw a very antique plate made by Wedgewood, but it was a BAYLOR plate. it was a white plate but in the middle it had the Tidwell bible building painted in all blue. it was really neat and i really liked it, but at the time I just could not afford it. but i’ve been thinking about it ever since. And I figure…. If I’ve thought about it for this long and have been living in sin, and coveting this thing since October, then the logical thing would be to just go get the darn thing. right???? well i head off on saturday for alleged antique store. and when i get there, to my amazement, not only do they have ONE plate, but they had TWO, count them TWO Tidwell devil building plates. so i get it. pay for it. and leave. it wasn’t until my drive home that i realized the magnitude of what i had actually done!!! so i got home and told Amanda and vince,….."ok I’m going to show this to you, but I need you to act like its really cool, so I wont feel so dumb about buying it. oh wow…..here we go” …. So I pull it out, and they look at it with absolutely NO amazement on their faces and they say, “is that it? what is it? how much did you pay for it?” and this is the point where I wanted to bust out in tears. I sunk my head down and foolishly said…. “seventy five dollars”. Yes. Please catch your breath. I, morgan nunnally, as I live and breath, consciously bought a 75 dolllar plate. singular. amanda and vince of course bust out in uncontrollable laughter. and all I can do is shake my head. i mean... who does that? You wanna know who does that? Little old ladies. Little old crazed Baylor ladies do that. Obsessed alumni do that. i somehow can not scrounge together enough money to join the alumni association, but i can buy a plate of a building that nothing ever turned out well for me in? and it’s like, i didn’t even see it coming. i wanted the plate in my head. and then when i saw it, it was like a knee jerk reaction to fork over the money. and the even funnier ("they" should really make that a word) thing is that the day before, i really wanted to buy this FABULOUS four place setting set of dishes on ebay (another vice of mine), but I couldn’t decide whether or not to get them, because I thought they were too expensive. So Amanda says to me, through the tears of laughter…."you could have gotten that whole place setting that you wanted for the same amount that you paid for that ONE plate”. ….. even as I am sitting here. I am shaking my head at my monumental failure of a purchase. Now I really want those other plates and want to smash the one plate I own over the lady that sold it to me. and of course, real big on the top of the receipt it says "all sales final". they do this to trick foolish little girls. antique people dont believe in buyer's remorse. forget antique, i'm going to eat off that plate EVERYDAY! it's going to be my special eating plate. either that... or i'm going to display it and put a big blinking neon sign in the shape of an arrow pointing at it, so that people will not miss it when they come over. it will be one of those, what do you call it.... "conversation pieces". i cant even believe this. i'm going to be living on the streets. i'll be the crazy plate lady.

moral of the story.... think before you buy $75 dollar plates and stay away from crazy plate lady.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

everything's coming up rachel.

Rachel, better known as RAR, is my best friend from college. she is hands down THE most underrated person that i know. she may come off shy, but she is one of the most fun and most hilarious people.....ever. yesterday was her birthday. so, in reverence of this blessed event.... i'm going to tell some of my favorite rar stories.....

I met Rachel Ann Rakes freshman year. We were in the middle of hall dec for parents weekend and she was walking down the hall. as she passed me i smiled at her, she halfway smiled back and then i made the comment, something to the effect of...."wow, thats a small shirt" (now, at this point, you have to cut me some slack. it was still relatively close to school starting and i was just trying to start a conversation, any conversation to meet people.) but the response back really surprised me. (she hates this story, she claims that she does not remember this incident, and she thinks that i embellish too) rar looked down at her shirt, looked at me (i'm pretty sure she rolled her eyes at this point) and then looked up at me (i was on a ladder) and said in the most monotone, annoyed voice, "no its not" and kept walking. it's a wonder we started talking again after that, but she got redemtion when her roommate french braided my hair in her room.

Again... freshman year. there was about a week where people thought it was funny to steal people's clothes/underwear while they were taking a shower. well rachel had had enough of this. none of us knew rachel really all that well.... so the clothes were stolen and we waited to see what she was going to do. the water stopped and a group of us are waiting down in her doorway which is all the way down the hall. and then, here she comes........ what we didnt know was that she had her robe in the shower with her. so when she saw that her clothes were stolen she decided to give us the show she thought we were wanting. she walked down the hall with her robe on, but not closed, so she we all saw the RAR, in all her glory. she struted proudly down the hall with a try-that-again-and-see-what-happens, dont-mess-with-me smirk on her face. we all died laughing, hid our eyes, and never did it again. rar proclaimed : "to the ladies of 3 south: i am not ashamed"

*Rachel, after having a spat with a male friend of hers, ran outside collins barefooted and proceeded to run around the building, speed building with every lap.
*Rachel, to this day, thinks that me and her have the same hair color. she has RED hair. please see photo.
*Rachel once told a girl she was stalking via the internet to "go to hell"
*Rachel once threw packaged lunch meat at a boy. shes says "you dont throw packaged meat at someone unless you're really pissed"
*Rachel loves her sleep more than anyone i've ever met (except maybe the Ju). but one time, she woke up in the middle of the night, showered and got ready for the day before realizing that it was the middle of the night. then just went back to sleep til the morning.
*Rachel once got really really mad at me for "stealing" her last bite of chicken nugget when she was not done yet. she was mad. she wrote a journal entry about it. she's over it now.
*Rachel is possibly the most directionally challenged person i know. God help her.
*Rachel... even to the point of our junior year of college, didnt know how to deposit money in the bank. but as if that wasnt hard enough for her... she had to call me everytime she went to the bank because she couldnt remember how to get there and was lost. (*see directionally challenged note above)
*Rachel once went to class with Kara just for fun. rachel is the cutest nerd i know.
*Rachel didnt have a car at college until our junior year. and once, while we were living together our soph. year she tried to WALK to pizza hut at night. well, i was having none of this and hunted her down "lifetime-movie-mom style" and told her to get her butt in the car and to never pull anything like that again.
*Rachel is not a morning person, but for one full semester we would meet at common grounds twice a week to have "breakfast club". it was great.
*One time we were discussing all the campaign signs on campus and how it would be funny if we just made random campaign signs and put them up around campus to confuse people. So i come home from work one afternoon and there are signs all over my apt. complex that she put up saying "reelect Morgan Nunnally for student body president"
*Rachel taught me everything i know about journal writing. she is my Yoda. What was really fun, was when we used to write joint journal entries. This is rachel's journal link. Click here for a good time....
*Rachel doesnt like babies. this is no exaggeration. she compares them to cockroaches.
*Rachel doesnt dance. EVER. however, she will sing songs from Hercules or "all i want for christmas" at any given time. one of our favorite things to do with rachel is go to common grounds... but my second favorite thing to do is drive around campus, windows rolled down, singing Hercules as loud as we can.

For all these reasons. i love rachel rakes. i love her because we both love SING and can talk about it for hours. i love that she is obsessed with her journal. i love that she is one of the smartest people i know with the least common sense. i love that she cries everytime she laughs really hard. i love that we are living parallel lives. i love that she thinks i'm funny (my ego thanks you rachel). i love rachel's hair. i love that she treats Gilmore Girls as reality and almost claims it as a religion. i love that even at 7:30am she will let me bust in on her and wake her up to listen to my problems. i love that we both love maroon 5. i love that she has some of the most original catch phrases that she uses on a daily basis. i love that she will stand up to boys in my defense. but seriously, the biggest reason that i love rachel rakes is becase she has never judged me. i can tell rachel any and everything i do/think about and she never judges me. this is her MOST endearing trait. rachel, you're crazy for thinking i'm so normal. i LOVE this girl.

now, dont you wish you knew rachel?

happy birthday rar.

Friday, April 14, 2006

DWI in the sky

so because the alliantgroup, (in the words of rar), "hates baby jesus", and didnt let me have good friday off. (and really, a "good" friday for me would never include work) anyways, since they wouldnt let me have the day off, i'm going to let them pay me for my mad journal entry skills instead of my mad R&D tax credit skills. it's my way of really stickin it to the man.

let me tell you a little story. when i went for my second interview with southwest, i was sitting next to an about 28-ish year old woman. and as we're filling out our rather lengthy second application there was a question about "car violations", and i asked her "does this mean that we have to put like our speeding tickets on here also?"... and she said, "yeah i think so......" then she paused. and before i could go back to telling southwest about all my reckless driving habits, she starts in again with.... "you know.... i got a DWI a few years ago. you think that they are going to really hold that against me? i mean..... it's not like we are going to be driving the planes or anything....." ok. stop right there..... at this point my internal dialogue was that of a cash register resounding CHA-CHING! and i looked at her with the most casual it-was-nice-to-meet-you-but-there-is-no-way-in-hell-that-they-are-going-to-hire-you-honey smile and casually said "no. i dont think so."

hero of the day: my daddy. who rates one his favorite thing to do as watching me dance.

hitlist: my boss. and his double standard, politics rule, favoritism, and corporate whenever he feels skip, self. its ok though. i'm quitting next week and he doesnt even know.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

another first.

i've been staring at a blank computer screen for about the last 8 minutes. staring at it, thinking about the perfect "morgan's-reentry-into-the-journal-world" opening sentence .... and THAT is all i could come up with.

i decided on this journal rather than others because my two journal idols have this as their provider. and if its good enought for rachel and athena, then its good enough for me! and... if you can tell me what my journal username is in reference to.... you can be my hero of the day!

i've been waiting for something to happen, something that i could tell a great story about, or something down right hilarious to happen to start my journal reentry out with a bang. but alas, nothing happened... for weeks. but something has happend.

i got my invitation to my Soutwest Airlines training class. i'm going. its really going to happen. i've been waiting since last july, and i really think that some of my friends were begining to believe that i was just lying about this whole flight attendant thing. i wont know where i'll be based until i go to training. i cant wait. i cant wait!!.... but enough about me.

to recap:
*i've restarted my journal.
*i'm going to be a flight attendant.