Wednesday, May 03, 2006

who died and made you nadia?

Do you know the joy of swimming in a foam pit?
Do you know why you kick one leg up on the tramp?
Do you how tough skin smells?
Do you know what it feels like to unintentionally straddle the beam during a trick?
Do you know who nadia, mary lou, kim, and dominique are and worship them like gods?
Do you know what it means to get to train at Bela's gym?
Do you know how ridiculous everyone looks in team leotards and team pictures?
Do you know that being presented is way more stressful than the actual competition?
Do you know that for the rest of your life, your hands will callus up everytime you grip or hold on to something too tightly?
Do you know the look of disappointment and heard the 'you have so much potential' speech from Martin and Sasha?
Do you know the pain of team handstand pushups?
Do you know what it like to be fearless?

until recently i had forgotten. ever think about how different your life would have been by only making one little decision? where would i be now if i had continued and gone to gym 7days a week? where would i have gone to school? who would my friends be? My God, what would my body look like?

.... ah. shoot.

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