Monday, November 06, 2006

where are they now...

i have done a bad thing. to my own surprise. and my own detriment.... i have succumb to the cult that is myspace. and i am ashamed. however, it is a good catalyst to catch up with people that you havent seen in forever. (and a good excuse) i've found so many people that i havent seen in years and years. some have really made something of themselves... and yet some of them have proven themselves to be...well....less than stellar. but it makes me wonder..... who else is out there? there are several people that i still wonder about. wondering where they are. so here is my most wanted list... sort of like those blue "have you seen me" flyers that no one really looks at and immediately throws away...

jonathan buckman.... my first crush. he was a heartbreaker in first grade. and i'm sure he's just like the rest of them today.
amanda hopson.... whereever she is, she still inspires me to learn sign language.
bobby wimpy.... with a name like this, you really have to wonder how a kid will turn out. i'm just hoping he has since memorized how to spell his own name. my last memory of him is him signing my yearbook in 2nd grade and he had to look at his name tag to spell his name. i'd like to give you the benefit of the doubt bobby.
candace blaylock..... she's probably doing time for murder.
erin cook.... me, her, and holly watson were besties back in the day. we had the same birthday. she always had the best birthday parties.
holly glover... we were friends through summer camp. if i never find her... i will just assume she was just an angel. no one has ever inspired me more to be a better person.
lindsay cooper... this one only dates back to college. but i miss her.

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