Tuesday, September 05, 2006

things that suck: comcast. jamal lewis. facebook "news feed".

there are things that need to be said. i cannot hold it in anymore.

comcast sucks. it's true. comcast is our cable/internet provider here in baltimore. i would go into all the reasons, but i cant find a way to make it interesting. but apparently there are some people that have made a way to make it interesting. my roommate got so mad at comcast today that she googled "comcast sucks" and she came up with quite a plethora of others that not only agreed, but made entire websites devoted to the hatred of comcast and their suck service. like this one. and this one. oh and then the one on craig's list like this one. i am usually a big trash talker, but rarely follow through with my plans.....unless you really piss me off. then it's ON. i called comcast in rages with comments like "i want you to fix my internet. and i want you to fix it now. and i want to know what you are going to do about it." very veruca salt-esq, dont you think?.....of course i always ended my rant with 'i'm sorry to be so mean'. i cant help it. niceness becomes me. i should have had mom call them. she gets things taken care of.

so me and jess found a hookah lounge/sports bar. can you think of a better combination? well once we started talking to some of the 'locals', they informed us that jamal lewis was sitting right behind us. apparently he plays for the ravens. do the ravens even have fans? seriously? well anyways... before we left, since everyone else seemed to think he was some big shot... we went over and wanted to get a picture with him. he said....and i quote......'nah'. not 'no'. ....but 'nah'. i thought that was a little veruca salt-esq as well.....so i asked him why.....cause i would definitely never say 'nah' to someone wanting to take a picture with me. he said....and i quote......'i dont want it ending up on some sort of myspace or something.' .....myspace? he's worried about big bad myspace???? well he should have been worried about big bad morgan's journal because here is a picture of, said lewis. true it's not exactly of his face. and i could be making all of this up. but it's just to prove a point. jamal lewis, you suck. and i will never even think of supporting the ravens or your career because you were rude and ridiculous. seriously......myspace?

the new facebook feature has taken the sport of stalking to all new heights today. under the pretense of "news feed", you can now find the latest news on all your friends/enemies. but really..... i could care less to know that some guy that i talked to maybe once in high school has changed one of this favorite movie preferences 12 minutes ago. and how sad is it that people's love lives are strewn about all over facebook. and if that wasnt enough as well.... if you decide to exit a relationship and change your "status", there is a little broken heart symbol by your name. did facebook ever think that maybe one of the said people in relationship would like to replace that with a happy face? i mean..... someone had to be the "dumper", surely only one of them should have a broken heart. i think that facebook is really the government in disguise. it knows everything. i checked it today and it said....."morgan, you ate 104 m&m's, and watched the same lifetime movie. twice. all before lunch". jamal, you should stop worrying about myspace...... it's facebook that you should really be scared of. well that, and "the rhythm".... because eventually.....the rhythm is going to get you.


Anonymous said...

i went "veruca salt" on facebook last night when i discovered the horrendous changes. you ought to write them as well! i loathe the mini feed, so i got rid of it... but honestly, what we're they thinking?

mel said...

I did that too! If everyone does it maybe they will change it back! Obviously no one likes it...they've even made groups against it.