Thursday, November 23, 2006

my first thanksgiving away.

i should be in tyler.
i should be at mimi's.
i should be watching the parade.
i should be answering questions about my new job.
i should be having to dodge the "are you seeing anyone" question at all costs.
i should be annoyed at cameron's wardrobe.
i should be eating turkey.
i should be listening to skipper, stafford, and dad say "you know, no matter how detroit has played all season, they always seem to play well on thanksgiving"
i should be pointing out liz on tv.
i should be devising a plan with garrett and cameron to escape.
i should be stuffed.
i should be eating my body weight in green jello salad.
i should have so many servings of jello salad that mom begins to give me "the eye" and says that it is rude to take half the salad in my first serving and that some people havent had firsts, but slowly realizing that i do it every year and finally giving up.
i should be bored.
i should constantly be looking for my glass, and then realizing mimi has washed it.....again.
i should be fighting over who gets the last bit of mashed potatoes.
i should be trying to find mom and judy's secret stash of pitzelles.
i should be going through the ads with tabi.
i should be playing with bri.
i should be winning taboo.
i should be in the back room, discussing things that only cousins discuss.
i should be talking about how we wish zach, cheryl, jeremy, jeremy, and jeff were all there.
i should hear waves of snores coming from multiple people throughout the day.
i should be scolding mimi for cleaning the kitchen ALL DAY long.
i should be at Jakes.
i should be complaining about being at jakes.
i should be telling karen how much i hate that place.
i should be seeing everyone from high school that i never really liked in the first place.
i should be eating turkey sandwiches for the next 5 days.

i should not be in baltimore.


Rachel said...

why couldn't you fly home?

mel said...

can you come to New York for new years??

Anonymous said...

indeed...ya should've been.
it wasn't the same without ya.

i'm kinda wondering about that "escape" part though

no more pizzelles for you!

auntie j

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have called you on this day. I really really missed our back room or car discussions to catch up on a year's worth of happenings in our lives. I definitely know you would have had Bree following you everywhere cuz she kept saying Morgan, where Morgan??? I just had to keep telling her you had to work and we would see you another time. We really need to catch up soon. Email me with your cell number, I have the one you texted to me last year; not sure if is same.... Love you girl