Saturday, July 29, 2006

catastrophe. confrontation. celebrity. comforting coinsidence.

i just got back from a trip. my first trip with a handful of stories. so i get all ready to go for my trip on thursday and i get all my stuff together. suitcase. check. cell phone. check. food bag. check. badge. uhhh...... where did i?.... where is my....... and that went on for about 5 seconds before i bust into screams and hysterics. i was like, 'way to go morgan, this is it. all this work and you're fired on your third week. this is it. say goodbye. what are you gonna do now?' basically my whole life flashed in front of my eyes and i'm pretty sure i saw myself walking the streets of baltimore with a will work for diet coke sign. yeah. my almost-put-together-and-clean room was suddenly ripped to shreds by morgan the tazmanian devil in a matter of 3 minutes. i called my supervisor, still in hysterics, and told him i was in biiiiiiiig trouble. and to make a long story short... i got to see just how fast my car goes now to frantically get to the airport in barely enough time to get a new badge and get myself on a plane. one of the most freaked out i've ever been. but then i get on the plane. and i calm down a little bit, and as i make my way to my position on the plane for boarding, i can see there is a little bit of a scuffle going on between some of my passengers. i finally get to the over wing window rows and there is a business man type and a cute old man having a heated discussion about who gets to sit where. in the end, the old man could not sit in the exit row and the business man was not about to give up his well earned extra leg room. so i, in the kindest way i knew how, told the cute old man that he had to move seats. he didnt like this very much. and suddenly, the cute old man, quickly turned into the crochety old man. he started cussing and yelling. "you know, you're a real piece of work buddy.... " it was bad. so i had my first celebrity on board on this trip. it was trishelle from the real world. .......i dont really know if she could really be called a "celebrity". i mean, she got her fame from being a whore. if that's all it takes to be a celebrity, i know a lot of girls from high school who should be really upset because they fit this criteria perfectly. since being gone, i cling to anything texan. anyone who gets on my plane that is wearing texas memorabilia or even a cowboy hat is going to get to talk to me. :-) the other day in LA i was talking to some passengers who were harassing me about my accent. after i finished with them, a girl got my attention and said "did you just say you were from texas? i used to live in dallas" me: oh i live near dallas. her: yeah well i went to baylor and then i moved..... i cut her off, and so excitedly said: i went to baylor too!!! .... so we talked about when we graduated and what we majored in. and then i asked the inevitable, were you in a sorority? her: yeah, i was a pi phi. ...then i had the biggest "OH MY GAWD" moment and had to calm myself down enough to nonchalantly say "me too!" ......... all her drinks that day were free.

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Rachel said...

haha oh morgs. i'm not sure what my favorite part was. either the "will work for diet coke" sign, or picturing you trying to stay totally calm and collected while finding a fellow baylor pi phi in the midst of LA.

can't wait to hear stories in person this weekend. yay! (maybe we should take a road trip to waco and take our pic...)