Friday, September 15, 2006

on music and getting my fash' on??

hey remember that friends episode... the one where phoebe has a cold and she realizes that she has man voice??? yeah... thats what i sound like. except by the end of the episode she had gotten rid of hers..... and i've had mine for three days. add that to the list of things that suck.

can we talk about music for a little bit here? more specifically "pop music". i really dont know why everyone is against pop music. there is a time and a place for britney spears. dont act like there's not. but these alleged pop songs of today.... i really just dont get them. for instance... let's take fergie's new song.... "london bridge". she sings.... "how come everytime you come around my london, london bridge want to go down" can anyone tell me what that means? i've never been to london... maybe it's a british thing. is it some kind of metaphor? 'my london bridge want to go down'... i wouldnt describe anything on my body as a bridge of some sort..... and here's another one.... the pussycat dolls (which are just shamelessly whore-ish... i've never met them... but i'm pretty sure they are the exact kind of girls that i would despise.....dont you wish your girlfriend was hot like me??.... what is that????..... i digress) anyways... they've got this song called "loosen up my buttons babe"..... huh? unzip my zipper would have made more sense than this. dont they know that its UNbutton. not loosen up my buttons. stupid girls. or here... lets make it even more simple.... just say: take off my clothes!! .......i'm a nelly furtado fan. it's true.... however... her new song.... "promiscuous girl".... you'll be out somewhere and you see everyone singing this song.... it's like.... do you people KNOW what you're saying. you might as well be wearing a shirt that says "i'm easy". nelly.... you've got a KID. a child. promiscuous girl? obviously. ....and while justin timberlake is trying very hard to bring sexy back.... i'm working equally as hard to bring back the j. lo butt and dancer thighs. .....but the saddest thing of all might be that i like these songs. i admit it. they come on and i turn into a dancing fool. i'm so ashamed.

i HATE today's "fashion". hate it. despise it. refuse to wear it. come on now... the 'skinny jean' and here's another one.... tights? dont you people recognize that this is nothing more than tapered jeans and leggings? the official fashion of accessory of middle schoolers and las vegas tourists? tapered jeans! they just think they can sell more of them by calling them "skinny". .....the big girl jean.... now there's a fashion trend i could get behind... or maybe get my behind into. i even saw a girl the other day sportin' jellies. i mean what's next???..... vests??? those big clunky mustered colored combat boots? doc martins? oh and here's another monstrosity..... belts over sweaters? come on now... we made FUN of the kappas for making their pledges wear those hideous sweaters with the big belts... and now it's considered FASHION?? (sorry kappa friends)... they would find a way to make it fashion. ju...i know you feel me on this one.

i just realized that it's friday. i had no idea what day it was. i never know what day it is. seriously. i hate that.


Rachel said...

i don't care what anyone says...i work my skinny jeans

Anonymous said...

They WOULD make belts over sweaters fashion. Stupid Kappas. :)
And, I am SO with you on the skinny jean trend. It sucks. Unless you are 10 and haven't hit puberty yet, and even then you shouldn't care about fashion. Grrr. I must say, however, that I did purchase a pair of leggings. I quite like them. Have I actually worn them in public yet? No. But I may one day...when I'm feeling brave or Nicole Richie/Sienna/Kate Moss-ish. One fashion trend you should be happy about: black is huge for fall. So, yeah, get excited. I miss you, Morgs, come back to Texas!!! BRF! The Ju

mel said...

Ok, skinny NOT make me look skinny. They make me look fat. Therefore, they are not skinny jeans, they are girls with curves trying to look something else jeans. I take issue with them as well. And tights? Hello...would you like to count all my fat cells? Seriously! I comepletely agree with you on the music thing...and will totally dance with you to it. O:-) Oh, but your vest comment? It might have been a joke...but don't joke. They've slowly been trying to make a comeback. It makes me sad. We need to bring back the upholstry looking ones. Hey guys, lets all dress in leggings, an oversized white tshirt and a small upholstered vest over it. Oh, and we can do a side ponytail and cowboy boots too. Then we'd be hot. We'd look like fat drapes. :)

Anonymous said...

i hate never knowing what day it is too.

the guy you might not remember.