Tuesday, October 10, 2006


i write things down. and i dont easily throw things away. these two things combined... i found a list that i made with my roommates with of all of the nicknames we had for people in college. here are some of my favorites......
track alex, morgan's husband, the hermits, the one, the guy with the really good hair, floam raper, bad prom date, side ponytail girl, nice lindsey, cow, hoobity-boobity (in conjuntion with the shaggin' wagon), the redest rose in the garden, hawaii sarah, ruthie baby, yellow hat pigtails girl, ky-ky, the most annoying girl in the world, the little boy, abercrombie boy, naked amy, not so cute girl (who is the same as sharp teeth girl), amy B., bo-bo the clown, the loon, common grounds boy

and that got me thinking about nicknames that i've had. (or at least the ones i know about) i love nicknames. they're so endearing.
*when i was in middle school, my friends called me carrot. (long, stupid story)
*when i was in high school, my friends called me merg.
*only two people have consistently called me morgan reid.
*i only allow brew and haley to call me mo. i hate it. dont try it, i wont answer.
*senior year of high school, i secretly went by britney custin'.
*my aunt has always called me morgan pea pie. (i didnt like playing peek-a-boo. i only liked pea-pie. i was stubborn even back then)
*one of my favorite teachers ever always called me morgana.
*the standard nickname is morg.
*caroline reed and abbey have always called me moron. not one of my particular favorites.
*one of the "cool teenagers" when i was little at church called me streak.
*before i was born i was called baby Olajuwon .... or so i'm told.
*chad and rick have always called me Lucy. (they think i look like lucy from the peanuts.)

oh, and of course i'm friends with regina. we've met, went to a record signing of hers. we're practically bff. i'm speaking of regina spektor. if you havent heard of her before.... well... you wouldnt like her anyways.

here's a question....what is WRONG with people??? story. so a couple of weeks ago i was on a 4 hour flight. and i was shamelessly plane flirting with this guy. it's true. so he ends up coming to the back and talking for almost the whole flight. then he asked for my number.... so i'm thinking score. so i said sure.... and i start writing it down... 9-0-3.....and as i'm writing i ask, "so why are you going to nashville?" (still writing) 2-7-9...... and he says "oh to visit my girlfriend.....0-6-3-1 (note: that part after his answer isnt my phone number) then without skipping a beat i handed it to him and told him he should probably return to his seat. and by probably, i meant, if you dont i'm going to open this door and throw you out the window you disgusting creep.

you know... it's really not acceptable to go any amount of time with no toilet paper.


mel said...

I love you...0-6-3-1...you're amazing! :-D

Rachel said...

yay for the nickname list! haha i think my favorite was yellow hat pigtails girl. She really did always wear that yellow hat...

What is wrong with boys? You probably should have thrown him off the plane, because guys like that shouldn't have the opportunity to procreate. The world has enough skeezy boys as it is. I mean, fort worth alone is a hotbed of them...but i digress.

yay for morgs.

tshirtguy said...

I bet there are a few good stories behind those nicknames. You should tell a few.

The guy on the plane is retarted...First of all who has the nerve to do something like that while you have a girlfriend and then second tell the person about it. I would have to blame it on him not being very bright.

Anonymous said...

The nickname list!! I love it! Ah, memories!! I was cracking up reading them. Miss you, Morgs. You're going to Homecoming, right? You better! Have a fab day!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that coment was posted by me asking about Homecoming. I'm retarded.