Monday, August 14, 2006

give it to me.

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses.... no...wait....just give me your address.

seriously. if you've already given it to me then i've already got it. i'm not engaged. i'm not pregnant. and no, i'm not stalking you. ok.....maybe i am. i just like to send people things.... like postcards, and large, expensive, extravagant gifts. dont you want those things? so fork it over.

oh and also... if you are ever flying southwest. tell me what flight you are on, and i'll see if i know any of the crew that will be on your flight.... or i could try to pick up the trip and work it.... OR... if i'm not working... then i'll just take the flight with you and then fly back to baltimore!! it will make your whole airport experience sooo much better. no lines. i'll carry on your liquids for you. and we'll get the best seats on the plane! how much fun will that be? i'm serious.


mel said...

I just want to say I love you! Really, I think you're great. I look forward to every Morgan entry!

Rachel said...

you are really funny. do you want my address? do you want to send me a large extravagant gift?

what happened to our nelly furtado entry?

Anonymous said...

morgan, you are the cutest ever. my birthday is this saturday, so feel free to send diamonds or large real estate contracts. thanks, the management.

Anonymous said...

ps-"anonymous" was me...forgot my name

-jenny :)