Thursday, October 04, 2007

ju is 25 and fabulous exclamation point.

i've been looking for an inspiring story that would adequately translate into a good story for journaling purposes. and i believe that i have found one. (i mean, not all of us can make toe fungus interesting like rachel can.) wait for it...this is a good one.

so the ju turned 25 and of course we had an extravaganza! everything with julie is an extravaganza. it basically equated to dinner and possibly some going out afterwards. well we were only going to the blue goose and the caliber of people we were going with are not necessarily "dress-up-even-when-it's-totally-unnecessary" kind of people. however i just happen to fall into this category. so sue me, i had gotten a new dress recently. and btw, it's awesome. and i wanted to wear it. so this's BRIGHT pink. and let's just say it aint no "church dress". i probably wont be prancing around granny's house in it. it may or may not be a little low cut... and it's a little too short for the baby jesus on a sunday morning. so i fix my huur-a. do my nails. makeup is lookin fly. (i told you was an extravaganza!!!, with my current job and current uniform, which you should all know how i feel about that...i look for ANY excuse to dress up.) anyways, i was having on of those "on" kind of nights. everything just kind of fell in place and i'm feeling good. so on this particular night, i'm running a little late. (i know, surprise surprise) but i had a good reason. i made julie a killer cake! (it just took a little longer than expected to make) it was awesome. i was also very proud of the cake. i'm thinking this is going to be a good night. so i quickly drive to the restaurant. and i had to park kind of in the boonies because there was no parking and as previously stated...i was running late so any open spot would have done just fine. so i get out of the car and i'm carrying the cake waitress style. believe me...i was hard to miss. girl in hot pink quasi-revealing dress (did i mention the front of this is almost completely covered in pink rhinestones?....the dress is good. it just is.) and i'm also carrying a big hot pink cake. so as i walk to the restaurant in heels that were probably too high for this night i pass some cops who seem very interested in my cake, we make friends, i pass by another restaurant, and i pass by the side of the building where there are restaurant patrons dining outside. they all see the dress, they all see the cake. so i walk into the restaurant and immediately see ju and crew, and i walk towards them and julie jumps up to see the cake and we hug and scream and generally cause a scene. i mean come on, get all your college roommates on! it was a ruckus. but as im hugging julie for probably the 4th time, i feel someone pulling on my dress behind me. like....tugging on it. it's a slinky doesnt need to be pulled at. but as i turn right around to deck the alleged tugger....i see that it was a male waiter and he's walking away and doesnt say a word. finally he turns around and puts his finger to his lips as to say "shhh".... and then it hits me. my entire life flashes before my eyes....and by entire life, i mean the last five minutes. and i realize what has just occurred. when i was getting into my car, i failed to remember that i had two yellow velcro rollers sitting in my driver seat. and when i got out of the car, they stuck to me. i quickly turned around the entire radius of the restaurant and saw that they all had seen what happened. they had seen me in all my glory with not one, but two yellow rollers stuck to my ass!!! julie and crew had no idea what was going on. they hadnt gotten a good view of the back side yet. so remember how i was telling you that it was such an "on" night, and everything was falling into place, and i was feeling good. yeah...that is pretty much where that line of thinking stopped. this now means that the cops, the people at the other restaurant, the outside dining restaurant patrons, and anyone else in eye shot of the girl in the overly pink rhinestone dress and hot pink cake has seen me, the dress, the cake, and the rollers.

later the waiter returned my rollers to me in a styrofoam to-go cup. very discreet....there really wasnt any need to do so though...everyone saw. everyone knew i was the girl with the rollers. is it bad that my first thought was...."oh this will be a great journal story". so there you go katie hall (p.s. can i tell you how much i loved that you signed your name as such. not just katie. not just katie bentley. katie hall.)

the end.

p.s. does anyone chris brown legal yet? get your cougar on!