Thursday, October 19, 2006

rachel rakes

rachel and i begin our "morgan and rar reunion tour 2k6" tomorrow. but for now rachel is just too dang funny not to post about her already hilarious musings.

when rachel picks me up from the airport, and i presented her with a present. (and by present, i mean a bobble head figure of an orioles player that i had never heard of that i got for free at the one and only orioles game that i went to and was planning on throwing away until it dawned on me that rachel not only loves the orioles, she also loves bobble heads) ....... speaking of rachel loving bobble heads, here is a little morsel of a story that i hope that you will enjoy. when me and rachel were sophmores in college and we lived together in what we now lovingly refer to as "the shoebox", well one morning i woke up to go to an early class and was in a hurry, but was still not trying to disturb the rar. so as i'm hurrying out the door i turn around to grab my drink and BAM! my bag hit the beloved lance bass (the gay nsync boy) bobble head doll. lance went plunging toward the floor, but not before it bounced off my closet door, and his bobbling head snapped off it's inproportionate body. (i just made that word up) at this point i dont know what to do. (you must understand that this indeed was the "beloved" lance bass bobblehead. THE bobblehead that when tridelt asked it's new members to bring an object that they cherished, and everyone else brought old letters from deceased family members, or old blankets that their granny made for them, or other various sentimental objects, rachel chose also to bring her sentimental object.... her lance bass bobble head.) well when lance decided to take his live via a snapped head, i knew rachel's beloved would never be the same. and i had to do something about it. so i took the alleged broken bobble head in question and stashed him in my bag and went off about my day, contemplating about what i was going to do about the lance. so then it hit me, i'll just buy another one on ebay, and replace it before she realizes what has happened. so i did. i bought one and had it rush delivered to our apt. then promptly put lance back in his place and prayed that she wouldnt find out the truth. several days went by and i couldnt take it anymore, so i told rachel all the sorted details of the original lance bass bobble head. and what did she do? she laughed. she laughed hard. and through her laughter she said.. i cant believe you did that. i have an extra lance bass bobble head at home. .....WHAT??? she has a back up? a back up bobble head? if i had known THAT.... i would have broken his little head off on purpose. so that was the great lance debaccle. so when i presented this little "present" to rachel to day.... a present that i didnt really understand..... she screamed. (and just so you know... "they" frown up people screaming or causing a ruckus in or around the airport) she was delighted to say the least. and then she proceeds to tell me.... oh good! i had to get rid of the lance bass bobble head because i cant support homosexuality. ........all that to say. rachel rakes likes her some bobble heads. (is it strange that i write so much about rachel rakes in my journal)

so then on the ride home she says to me.... you know what my new pet peeve is? i hate it when people have their blinker on and i give them ample time to get over and they take 20 min to get over. and to that i responded... well do you know what my new pet peeve is? i hate it when people use the word ample to describe a girl's boobs or butt. (and for your sake, i hope you erupted with the kind of fun laughter that we did after this was said) is it not true?

then we had fashion show. girl's know what this is.... this is where we try on our cutest outfits and decide what to wear for the forthcoming homecoming weekend. i am currently trying to talk rachel out of red shoes, skinny jeans, and topless. if it was up to her. she would. this may take the rest of the night to talk her out of.

"morgan, you realize that no one thinks we are as funny as we do." -rachel rakes

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Kara said...

so since i haven't talked to you in forever i have resorted to stalking you on this. well, not really this is the first time, but i wanted to see what was up in the fabulous world of morgs. you are moving to dallas and i'm 99.9%
sure i'm moving to H-town--yes, yes, some people call it the arm pit of TX, but it's a nice part of Houston and plus you lived there for a while, right? anyways, i was reading this one peeing my pants b/c i just told this story to a fellow student teacher while were were sitting in wonderful austin traffic, who reminds me of rar since she too likes gilmore girls and lance bass. so i told her this story maybe 2 weeks ago. p.s. she wasn't laughing quite as much as i was but still a great story. so there's my novel, glad you're coming back to TX and i KNOW you guys are as funny as you think you are!!!!
K-Sue :)