Tuesday, November 14, 2006

coming january 2007.

dear baltimore,

you can all go to hell. i'm going to TEXAS!

morgan and davy crockett

that is RIGHT my friends. i'm coming back to texas! which is the true promised land. i could NOT be more excited. yes, i'm still working for southwest...just in texas. it's a wonderful and sweet story. but i'll be living in dallas..... where, apparently, "everyone lives....and they have fun ALL the time." i'm pretty sure that's true. so i'm coming back....back to the land of dairy queen. and 70mph speed limits. and axis roads. and bbq. and baylor. and high school football. and rachel. and humidity. and construction. and emmitt smith. and ya'll. and where everyone knows your name. and i'm never leaving again.....unless he's really cute.


mel said...

I do NOT live in Dallas and I'm pretty sure I AM part of everyone! :-P I want to hear your story!!!

Rachel said...

Baltimore, land of milk and honey, the TRUE promised land. Proud home of four actual seasons (of which hotter than hell is not one), the Orioles, and Lesley Bruce, the coolest girl you're not friends with. Also home of Calverton Elementary and Forcey Christian schools, where I spent most of my formative years becoming the amazing girl that I am now.

But I'm still glad you're moving back to Texas.

Anonymous said...

You're moving back to Texas?!?!?!?! When??? That's the best news I've heard in quite a while. Hooray!!! Oh, and contrary to popular belief of those who live in Dallas, Euless is not that far away. Come home soon.
BRF. The Ju.