Sunday, October 15, 2006

wuv. tru wuv.

i have heard someone once say that riding the jumpseat with someone is like going on a blind date. and it's true. when i go to work, i'm always kind of nervous about who i am going to sit jumpseat with, its kind of awkward at first, sometimes it's great, sometimes its horrible, there are always the same questions... what did you do before this, are you married, do you have kids, so on and so forth...... so i just got back from a trip where i was sitting next to a new guy. he was on his first month. so when i asked him what he did before this he said.... well i'm 58 years old, i've done alot of things. he told me that he had lived in california and opened up all kind of different restaurants, then he said that he moved to the east coast to marry his high school sweetheart...... i gave the obligatory "awww" ...but then he went on. he said... yeah we got married valentines day 2005 on the regis and kelly show. .....uhh....what?? then he told me one of the sweetest stories. the kind of stories that fairy tales and movies are made of. he said that him and his girlfriend broke up at the end of high school because she went to new york for art school, and he went to california to begin his restaurant business. ten years later he was walking on a beach and heard a familiar "Bo?".... she had recognized his voice and it was him. at the time they were both seeing other people so they visited for a while and then went their separate ways again. then about ten years later they met again. this time they were both single. they began dating and moved in together. then their house burned down and they lost everything. their relationship suffered too and they soon broke up and moved away from eachother again. about 15 years passed. they didnt speak. he got married. she got married. he got divorced. she got divorced. and after all these years, he still felt the same about her and wanted to find her. he got on one of those people finder web sites and started his search for her. but little did he know, she was doing the same thing. somehow the producers of the regis and kelly show got ahold of the story and decided to reunite them. on the show he was reunited with his old friend. then they began dating. they figured out that they still felt the same way and decided to get married. when they told the producers of the show, they were like.... well you have to let us give you a wedding. so they agreed and they had the most wonderful wedding and it was broadcast on national television. every year they go back to the show for their anniversary. he showed me pictures. it was amazing. he was telling me about all the perks of their wedding.... his wife had a 5 karat wedding ring, he had the wedding ring that brad pitt, you know... when he was married....before he got with that do-gooding whore. they had their reception at the 21 club in new york, they sent them on their honeymoon to the most luxurious resort in fiji, he said everything was the best of the best. but then he said... you know, those are just the things that the show gave us, it doesnt even compare to getting to be married to her. and our history. there's just so much substance to us. i love her and it's just.... i cant even describe it. it's amazing how everything just worked out. this is him.... at age 58!!! he said he got this job because his exwife (whom he is still very good friends with) has been a flight attendant here for 30 years and has really helped him with this job.
isn't that the most wonderful story?? zach braff should have made a movie about THIS story... it would have been better than scummy movie the last kiss.

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Lorri said...

I love this story!