Friday, June 23, 2006

Southwest Airlines has changed my life.

i used to get really irritated and annoyed with people when they would say, "you're going to flight attendant training for FOUR weeks? why? all you do is serve peanuts" but at the same time, i was thinking what AM i going to be doing for four weeks? well.... now i know. i graduated from Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant training today. and i have to say, after these four weeks, i have never been so happy. These have been the most intense four weeks of my life. i have been living in a hotel in dallas for the past month (for those of you in dallas that i didnt get to see, it's not that i dont love you and desperately wanted to see you, it's that i studied more in the last four weeks than i did for any amount of time in college. seriously. with 4 tests a week, things got kinda hectic.) but even though i am happier than i have ever been, it wasnt like this for all four weeks. its was hard. i wish i had kept up with this journal from start to finish. the first day of school was the most terrifing experience i've ever encountered. i've never felt like that before. we all quickly came to the realization that they would, in fact, send you home from training. we had 11 people from our class get sent home. it was very rocky and very scary for a while. but i have never been so rewarded for my efforts though. i'll hit the highlights of training that everyone always asks about. i got to go down the escape slide, put out fires, ride on the simulator aircraft and experience a simulated crash landing and smoke filled cabin leading to an evacuation onto the wing of the aircraft, i leared how to kick terrorist butt, i learned secrets that i cannot reveal or i'd have to kill you, i got to go out on my training flight and got to fly in the cockpit at night, heading straight for a thunderstorm (it was the most beautiful sight i've ever seen) i learned how to save your life and most importantly, i got my wings!
There was an article written many years ago that said that it is easier to become a navy seal, or be accepted to MIT than it is to be hired by southwest airlines. i LUV swa. i have met some of the neatest people. i got to see the lady that recommended me for hire yesterday and it was like meeting a celebrity. i'm so proud of my job title, i'm so proud of my company, i'm so proud of my wings. i've never cried so much from sheer joy in all my life as i have these last couple of weeks.
i'm going to be based out of baltimore. and in the most spontaneous move of my life, i'm just going to pack up and move there. i'm going to live with another girl from my class. and i'm going to love every minute of it. i cant wait to go to work. however, have you seen my uniform?? i cant decide which one i look more like; a sports authority employee or a six flags employee. i hate khakis, and will now be wearing them almost everyday. yippee for high waisted khakis and tennis shoes.
so i tried to cut out some of the cheesy-ness of this entry, and i simply couldnt do it. even now, i've got this goofy grin on my face. i'm pretty sure i'm wear my wings to sleep tonight.
Thank you allison, sarah, and karen for calling today. i really appreciate your support.
i cant wait to go out on line, so i can begin to collect stories to retell on here.

Friday, June 09, 2006

oh. God.

there is a little girl beauty pageant..... ahem.... "scholoarship" "program" going on at our hotel this week.

seriously? who does that?

ladies and gentlemen, i give you the future of our country... four year olds in full makeup. lookin like square dancing hookers, and Toys R' Us Hos.

if you see nothing wrong with this.... then something is seriously wrong with you. and i probably think you're crazy. and by that i mean..... totally insane.

did you people learn nothing from Jon Bene Ramsey?

what is WRONG with people?

oh wait... wait... i think that they are now holding the crazy, overbearing, vicariously-living, controlling mother contest.... and all the mothers of those poor girls are entered. and the prize...... a good shaking and/or beating.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

NBA finals!


great game. and it ended with the mavs going to the finals!!!!! first time EVER..... we're going to the finals! (lots of these: !!!!!!)

i want to go to a finals game so bad. for the love, i'm IN DALLAS!

i'm so excited!!

i know there are many new things in my life that necessitate an update, but i just dont have time and/or energy to do so.