Wednesday, April 19, 2006

everything's coming up rachel.

Rachel, better known as RAR, is my best friend from college. she is hands down THE most underrated person that i know. she may come off shy, but she is one of the most fun and most hilarious people.....ever. yesterday was her birthday. so, in reverence of this blessed event.... i'm going to tell some of my favorite rar stories.....

I met Rachel Ann Rakes freshman year. We were in the middle of hall dec for parents weekend and she was walking down the hall. as she passed me i smiled at her, she halfway smiled back and then i made the comment, something to the effect of...."wow, thats a small shirt" (now, at this point, you have to cut me some slack. it was still relatively close to school starting and i was just trying to start a conversation, any conversation to meet people.) but the response back really surprised me. (she hates this story, she claims that she does not remember this incident, and she thinks that i embellish too) rar looked down at her shirt, looked at me (i'm pretty sure she rolled her eyes at this point) and then looked up at me (i was on a ladder) and said in the most monotone, annoyed voice, "no its not" and kept walking. it's a wonder we started talking again after that, but she got redemtion when her roommate french braided my hair in her room.

Again... freshman year. there was about a week where people thought it was funny to steal people's clothes/underwear while they were taking a shower. well rachel had had enough of this. none of us knew rachel really all that well.... so the clothes were stolen and we waited to see what she was going to do. the water stopped and a group of us are waiting down in her doorway which is all the way down the hall. and then, here she comes........ what we didnt know was that she had her robe in the shower with her. so when she saw that her clothes were stolen she decided to give us the show she thought we were wanting. she walked down the hall with her robe on, but not closed, so she we all saw the RAR, in all her glory. she struted proudly down the hall with a try-that-again-and-see-what-happens, dont-mess-with-me smirk on her face. we all died laughing, hid our eyes, and never did it again. rar proclaimed : "to the ladies of 3 south: i am not ashamed"

*Rachel, after having a spat with a male friend of hers, ran outside collins barefooted and proceeded to run around the building, speed building with every lap.
*Rachel, to this day, thinks that me and her have the same hair color. she has RED hair. please see photo.
*Rachel once told a girl she was stalking via the internet to "go to hell"
*Rachel once threw packaged lunch meat at a boy. shes says "you dont throw packaged meat at someone unless you're really pissed"
*Rachel loves her sleep more than anyone i've ever met (except maybe the Ju). but one time, she woke up in the middle of the night, showered and got ready for the day before realizing that it was the middle of the night. then just went back to sleep til the morning.
*Rachel once got really really mad at me for "stealing" her last bite of chicken nugget when she was not done yet. she was mad. she wrote a journal entry about it. she's over it now.
*Rachel is possibly the most directionally challenged person i know. God help her.
*Rachel... even to the point of our junior year of college, didnt know how to deposit money in the bank. but as if that wasnt hard enough for her... she had to call me everytime she went to the bank because she couldnt remember how to get there and was lost. (*see directionally challenged note above)
*Rachel once went to class with Kara just for fun. rachel is the cutest nerd i know.
*Rachel didnt have a car at college until our junior year. and once, while we were living together our soph. year she tried to WALK to pizza hut at night. well, i was having none of this and hunted her down "lifetime-movie-mom style" and told her to get her butt in the car and to never pull anything like that again.
*Rachel is not a morning person, but for one full semester we would meet at common grounds twice a week to have "breakfast club". it was great.
*One time we were discussing all the campaign signs on campus and how it would be funny if we just made random campaign signs and put them up around campus to confuse people. So i come home from work one afternoon and there are signs all over my apt. complex that she put up saying "reelect Morgan Nunnally for student body president"
*Rachel taught me everything i know about journal writing. she is my Yoda. What was really fun, was when we used to write joint journal entries. This is rachel's journal link. Click here for a good time....
*Rachel doesnt like babies. this is no exaggeration. she compares them to cockroaches.
*Rachel doesnt dance. EVER. however, she will sing songs from Hercules or "all i want for christmas" at any given time. one of our favorite things to do with rachel is go to common grounds... but my second favorite thing to do is drive around campus, windows rolled down, singing Hercules as loud as we can.

For all these reasons. i love rachel rakes. i love her because we both love SING and can talk about it for hours. i love that she is obsessed with her journal. i love that she is one of the smartest people i know with the least common sense. i love that she cries everytime she laughs really hard. i love that we are living parallel lives. i love that she thinks i'm funny (my ego thanks you rachel). i love rachel's hair. i love that she treats Gilmore Girls as reality and almost claims it as a religion. i love that even at 7:30am she will let me bust in on her and wake her up to listen to my problems. i love that we both love maroon 5. i love that she has some of the most original catch phrases that she uses on a daily basis. i love that she will stand up to boys in my defense. but seriously, the biggest reason that i love rachel rakes is becase she has never judged me. i can tell rachel any and everything i do/think about and she never judges me. this is her MOST endearing trait. rachel, you're crazy for thinking i'm so normal. i LOVE this girl.

now, dont you wish you knew rachel?

happy birthday rar.


Rachel said...

you pretty much rock my face off. that was the funniest thing ever! i had forgotten about most of those stories. Thanks for an entire post all about me! Best bday present ever.

love, the rar

Anonymous said...

Yay for RAR, and Huge yay for re-entry into blogging! Kepp it up.

CALL me woman! And we'll do lunch before your big SW departure! Des

peachy said...

Just passing through (I think). After reading this, I do love RAR. hee hee. You really make her sound super cool.

This is a nice blog. Seeya.