Tuesday, December 12, 2006

collaboration of recent thought

since nothing exciting. nor journal worthy has happened lately.... i've run out of material. i need some weird passenger to get on and do something outrageous so i have something to write about. cause Lord knows i've got enough time on my hands lately to do so. so here's just some random musings to cure my bordem for the time being....

*would someone like to tell me how 2pac is still coming out with songs? i'm still not entirely inclined to believe that he is actually deceased. (based on that and the fact that mom is SURE that she spotted 2pac in the tyler mall about a year ago) i mean.... if i was to be pronounced dead, yet there were still new journal entries popping up.... dont you think that would be a good indication that i had fooled all of you? i submit that it would.

*i truly believe that the song "when you come back down" was written about a man in love with a flight attendant... and chris thile, i believe that man is you.

*it's amazing how much more accepted one can feel in baltimore whilst wearing apple bottom jeans.

*it is a well known fact that i think i'm going deaf. (but sometimes, really, it's just more convenient than anything else) but what came first? am i going deaf because i listen to my music too loud, or do i listen to my music too loud because i'm deaf?

chew on that for a little while.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

good morning america.

the time is 3:27 AM central standard time. and i just got to work. while the rest of you are fast asleep, with no doubt visions of sugar plumbs fairies dancing in your heads, i'm at work. it's just kind of one of those things you want to share with someone, but since any normal person is fast asleep, i cannot. i thought about just staying up, i figured that i had enough people that i knew that would randomly be awake to keep me up, but i did not figure that i had enough people that would fly to baltimore to make sure i was awake for the rest of the day in order to serve the almighty peanut. this is just further evidence that my life is so strange.