Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I was cleaning out my closet the other day and came across so many clothes that i have that i dont wear anymore. i gathered them all up in a bag to tote them off to a consignment shop. the consignment shop wasnt accepting clothes, and i had already deemed them as 'castaways', but some of these things were too nice for me to just...let go of...for free. i couldnt bear the thought of some of this stuff sitting among the ugly christmas sweaters and the dozens of jackson family reunion tshirts at goodwill. and then i had a brilliant idea. i thought, my friends would wear some of this stuff. some of my friends would look GREAT in this stuff. its not that these are bad clothes, i just dont wear them anymore. so i thought, well i'll just have a clothes swap. that way, all my friends can bring all their too-nice-to-trash-that-i-dont-wear-anymore-but-are-still-in-wearable-condition clothes. Then, if its even possible, i had an even MORE brilliant thought...i'll make it into a charitable event. so heres the deal...go through your closets. gather all your clothes, shoes, jewelry, hats, and other various accessories that fit into this category, and bring them to my house. and i will turn my place into a boutique of all of our awesome clothes that we dont get enough use out of. admission into the CandyShop boutique will be $15. then you will come in, sift through racks of everyone's clothes and just take what you want. for some nicer items, in really good condition, we will have a silent auction to determine who takes home these pieces. once its over, i'll take all the clothes that are left and donate them to a charitable organization that can distribute them to those in need. (or maybe you know of one that you would like to suggest?)

The name of the event is called CandyShop. i have named it after my favorite little girl. my candygirl. if you know me, you know who she is. and for those of you who dont know, she is a precious little girl who i met at a camp i work every summer called Royal Family Kids Camp. It is a special camp for abused and neglected children in foster care. I have been mentoring her for almost two years and i adore her. i am having two CandyShops. The proceeds from the first CandyShop will go to Royal Family Kids Camps and Clubs, that i truly believe changes the lives of not only the children that attend it, but possibly more, those that work the camp. This little girl has impacted my life more than anyone ive ever met in such a short period of time. She makes me want to be a better person, and i believe this is a great way to honor her. i have deemed this event the "first ever" CandyShop because i plan on doing it again. it may not always be a clothes swap, and the proceeds may not go to Royal Family Kids Camps every time, but i want this to be something that i strive to do on a regular basis. although Candy is not in my life right now, i want her impact to continue. plus, i figured my mom would approve of this much more than getting her face tattooed on my forearm. the great theologian oprah, once said that "research shows that simple acts of generosity boost our immune systems, relieve pain, even make our hearts stronger"....what doesnt want that?? i mean, oprah said it, it gots to be true.

first EVER candyshop:
April 3, 2010
morgans apartment
8300 el mundo #717

second EVER candyshop
April 10, 2010
morgans parents house in tyler
2720 rockbridge

the proceeds for the second EVER candyshop will go to Ben and Katie Kilpatrick who are newlywed missionaries that sold everything they had and moved to Haiti last december and two weeks after they arrived, the earthquake hit. they have chosen to continue to stay and help in haiti and are doing amazing work for the Kingdom. God placed haiti on my heart a little over a year ago and a trip i had planned there in march fell through, but i intend on planning another one later this year. i think this would be a great way to help out this young couple, just trying to make a difference. their story is incredible and you can follow them at benandkatieinhaiti.com

You may bring your clothes to my house or moms house anytime between now and the night before the candyshop. i love visitors, come over anytime. please, PLEASE invite any and everyone you know to this. i would love to have as many people involved in this as possible. the more people involved, the more clothes you will have to choose from. i dont care how old you are, i dont care what size you are, theres a place for you at the Candyshop. and maybe you cant make it on that date of the candyshop, but maybe you friends can, maybe your mom can, maybe your coworkers can....maybe. if you love me, you'll invite them. (i have no shame, i will guilt you into this if i have to) and dont forget to invite that friend who's BCBG dress you have been eyeing for a full year. i mean, its not like shes going to wear it...its been a year, the tags are still on it, fork it over sister. and dont you think its high time you did something with all those "skinny" clothes you have been hanging on to for dear life? yes honey, i truly believe that one day you will be able to fit into them, but why not let your friends hold on to them until you can. you dont have to attend the swap to donate clothes, but you do have to donate clothes in order to attend the swap. your "castaways" and $15 are your entrance fee into this wonderland of treasures. and donations are more than welcome! i will provide drinks and the obligatory "showeresq-chick-food". it will just be a good time. i would love for you to bring your clothes on hangers, but it is not necessary. i will make it work, a la tim gunn style. i'll take anything you got, i'll even take boy clothes, boys are not excluded from this!

questions? ideas? wanna come over and give me your clothes? 903.279.5742.