Friday, October 27, 2006

homecoming. halloween.

so last weekend was homecoming. and you know why it's called homecoming?? because it is. it's HOME. the whole weekend, i couldnt figure out if i was insanely happy or depressed for life. i was happy because i was there. and everything felt right. but then i would snap out of it and realize that i didnt get to go to class tomorrow. common grounds is father than a 1.3 mile radius in any direction of me. and i had no home. it sucked. things that did not suck about this weekend though.... pigskin. (i cried 3 times. it's a sickness really). the bears. the parade. suzanne was homecoming queen. breakfast with brew and haley. rachel:

and this:

the tridelt float caught on fire. like HUGE fire. i was really hoping that the whole thing was going to blow up right in front of us. that would have been awesome. the girls were all screaming and the boys were all running up with their extinguishers (since when do boys carry fire extinguishers?). but at least they made it most of the parade. the piphi float apparently exploded before it even started the parade. we dont have the best luck in the float department. oh and i ran into a few of our favorite "nicknamers" that i forgot to mention last time..... door whore. side ponytail girl. and mr.may.

one thing that my daddy taught me... he always says.... 'you dont leave a game early'. (and you dont arrive to a professional ballgame after pregame has already started. i'm more strict with this rule. i dont understand what it means to arrive at a sporting event after the players.) anyways.... it's been awhile since i've been to texas, but apparently, it's still hot there. even in october. so as we were blistering in the sun, and the bears were disappointing again, we made the executive decision, and the next best thing.... we went to common grounds at the beginning of the fourth quarter, when we were down 18 points, and the bears were being the bears. and i immediately regreted this decision. this turned out to be the most detrimental decision of homecoming 2k6, because within 15 min, me and rachel began recieving updates from those more faithful fans who (obviously sat in the shade) told us that we were about to, in fact, win. and we did. aggies beware.

the weekend was a huge success. however... i went with a plan. and i was going to do it all for you journal readers, because if it had actually happened.. it would have made for an excellent journal entry... and let's be honest, lately i've been hurting for material. you know what i hate? mindless, petty, fake small talk. back in college it was "where ya from? what's your major?" but when you go back to baylor, you have to answer the question "so where are you now? what are you doing?" ... well i was prepared. usually at homecoming you see alot of people that you dont really care about but you feel obligated to talk to because there was once a time where you wore the same tshirts and this qualifies for automatic friendship. so when i saw these people... and they started in with the smalltalk, while i contemplated what i was going to order at my next trip to common grounds, when they actually asked me what i was doing now... i was going to tell them that i joined cirque de solei. that's right, i ran off and joined the circus. rachel laughed and thought that i wouldnt do it... but i tried to. but the dang facebook ruined it for me! i never ran into someone that i a)wasnt really friends with and wouldnt want to lie to or b) wasnt a crazy facebook stalker and already knew that i was a flight attendant. dang it! facebook foiled again. i mean... what were they going to say? "Nu-uh. you are not. i dont believe you." no! people are stupid. they would have believed me simply because i said so. you dont dispute someone on their job title. oh well. there's always next year.

in other news. halloween is coming up. why dont we go ahead and add that to the list of things that i hate.... no... loathe!!! halloween is just a license to slut. no more plastic barbie costumes. no. let's find the skankiest "costume" possible (what i'm really amazed by is all the girls that make up a costume from things they already have in their closets) and lose all my self respect all in one night. and you know those girls are the kind of girls that just hate themselves. when did snow white, and rainbow brite become so...ahem..."grown up"? halloween hos. i hate you. (of course this is coming from a girl who has had awful luck on halloween. do i even need to revisit the kot halloween party of 2k2? or how about last year's fiji party at homecoming? OR halloween 2k4.....i did a drive by catting. it's true. betcha didnt know that, blip, did ya?)

hey guess what..... i had a postcard published on postsecret within the past couple of months. and none of you even knew. haha suckas!


Rachel said...

when i was in nashville this weekend i saw a girl dressed as skanky dorothy. that is just wrong. skanky dorothy was wearing a little blue checkered dress with one of those puffy petticoat things underneath it and white knee-highs with blue bows on them. so wrong. her friend was just straight up wearing lingerie. she didn't try to pass it off as a "cat" costume or the playboy bunny. she was just wearing a corset, black fishnet hose (hoes) and a black leather miniskirt.

who are these people?

Suzanne aka Homecoming Queen aka Pi Phi Prez aka Avid Morgan Nunnally Journal Reader said...

Wow! I just noticed that I made your journal again....this is almost as cool as the time I got a shout out when you were planning on shutting down the Journal forever.