Friday, April 14, 2006

DWI in the sky

so because the alliantgroup, (in the words of rar), "hates baby jesus", and didnt let me have good friday off. (and really, a "good" friday for me would never include work) anyways, since they wouldnt let me have the day off, i'm going to let them pay me for my mad journal entry skills instead of my mad R&D tax credit skills. it's my way of really stickin it to the man.

let me tell you a little story. when i went for my second interview with southwest, i was sitting next to an about 28-ish year old woman. and as we're filling out our rather lengthy second application there was a question about "car violations", and i asked her "does this mean that we have to put like our speeding tickets on here also?"... and she said, "yeah i think so......" then she paused. and before i could go back to telling southwest about all my reckless driving habits, she starts in again with.... "you know.... i got a DWI a few years ago. you think that they are going to really hold that against me? i mean..... it's not like we are going to be driving the planes or anything....." ok. stop right there..... at this point my internal dialogue was that of a cash register resounding CHA-CHING! and i looked at her with the most casual it-was-nice-to-meet-you-but-there-is-no-way-in-hell-that-they-are-going-to-hire-you-honey smile and casually said "no. i dont think so."

hero of the day: my daddy. who rates one his favorite thing to do as watching me dance.

hitlist: my boss. and his double standard, politics rule, favoritism, and corporate whenever he feels skip, self. its ok though. i'm quitting next week and he doesnt even know.


Rachel said...

that's a postsecret if i ever saw one... "i'm quitting next week and he doesn't even know".

Jacks said...

yep - i definitely feel that way "when it rains in summertime" ... or in asia for that matter.
and by the way, i still take some credit for your awesome flight attendent adventures to come - since i convinced you to go southwest. :)