Thursday, August 31, 2006

i love you more than marching bands and cookie making?

a very strange. and most would say...unfortunate thing has been happening to me. ....of course you all know about the great hair debacle of 2k6....which would be "the one where i cut all my hair off ". (the great hair debacle of 2k5 was "the one where all my hair fell OUT".... 2k7 looks promising? i digress....) if that wasnt enough... we now have another tragedy to go along with it.... before i whacked off all my hair i was occasionally told that i looked like britney spears. .... which i never really thought i looked very much like her.... but i'm not not one to argue.... so think what you shall. not so much sure what a compliment that would be now.... but i would take it over the new quasi-celebrity that i am told that i look like. trust me.... i should be so lucky to get b.spears.... because now i get.... juliette lewis. you know..... juliette lewis.... as in 'The Other Sister', juliette lewis. and now .... i cant figure out which one is worse...... britney "i-cant-keep-my-pants-on-when-white-trash-is-around" federline.... or juliette "i-sported-cornrows-when-i-went-to-the-oscars-with-brad-pitt,-gee-no-wonder-he-broke-up-with-me" lewis. oh for shame.

well anyways..... i've got today and tomorrow off. i almost came to texas... but everyone was busy, so i've decided to take a little road trip tomorrow. i'm going to go up to pennsylvania to check out the postsecret exhibit. at least it will give me something to do. i shall report back. oh and i do suggest you go and see little miss sunshine. it's a good one.

rat update..... so my landlord informs me today that the exterminator will be coming back to check on the poison he set out for them. she says to be "yeah he came in there and started tearing down their home".....their home? she called it their home? like.... a residence??? so i've been LIVING with a FAMILY of rats???? (she likes to correct me and tell me that they are mice..... well i dont care what they are..... they are rodents, they have four legs, they were not invited, and they are mice.... as in plural!!!) i pretty much stay sequestered in my room while i'm at home... and if for some strange reason i need to go into the kitchen.... i bang around on everything and stomp around so that the rats will scurry away to their "home"......

you should never hit someone's car and then drive off. it is mean. and illegal.


Anonymous said...

Britney - yes (in the face).
Juliette - NO!
Not just NO; but H _ L L! NO!
What are those people, who are saying that, blind?!? You look NOTHING like her, MPP! Don't get me wrong...she's not ugly (maybe even cute in a quirky kind of way). But you look nothing, (I repeat) NOTHING, like her.

Frogs or Bears? He'll just have to change his allegiance!

tshirtguy said...

"and he did not have hat hair!"

that was a good movie.

Anonymous said...

ditto on little miss sunshine. i was smiling for days. little girl beauty pagents indeed. friggin n'kimbe.

Anonymous said...

ah! i've always thought that you look like britney! (in a non-trashy, non-snake wearing sort of way) no kidding, ask matt. and i'm incredibly jealous that you went to the post secret event!