Thursday, July 13, 2006

my life doesnt suck.

so, i've got the greatest job in the world, by the way! i just keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. seriously. life has been a whirlwind lately, and i guess it will be like this for a while. in a matter of about a month, everything in my life has changed. i've got a new job. new roommate. new address. new car. new adventures. new state. new schedule. new haircut. new friends. new life. (the word 'new' looks strange after you look at it over and over.) however, this is not to say that i dont miss my friends and family back home..... when i left texas, my mom threw me a surprise party. if you know me at all, i love. love. love. surprises. i like to surprise other people, however, its very hard to surprise me, but if anyone could do it, it would be mom. it was great. karen came and 'kidnapped' me for the afternoon, and when i walked back into my house, everyone that has ever meant anything to me was standing in my living room. it was amazing. my two best friends in the entire world both drove in to come to it. it meant the absolute world to me. i was bouncing off the walls for the next week. i was truly surprised, and will always be truly grateful to mom for doing that for me!

its so funny when people call me, they always sound so surprised that i answer the phone. i'm not gone ALL the time, guys! right now, i'm only working about 15 days out of the month. i dont have any really fun stories yet. my last trip, i had a flight with about 100 athletes from the special olympics. i'm pretty sure this will forever be one of my favorite flights. they were so fun, and so kind. their coaches thanked us for our generosity towards them, but i told them that they were kinder and better passengers than every customer i had had that week. they were just so excited to be on a plane. they all raised their hands in the air, roller coaster style, when we took off.

i miss you guys. please keep in touch.


mel said...

Oh, oh! I kept in touch today!!

Anonymous said...

im glad for you.