Friday, September 01, 2006

concerts and secrets.

first order of business..... does anyone want to go see nickel creek with me in dallas on sept. 13? they're playing at the gypsy tea room. guster is playing the night after them. i want to go to both. i'm serious as a heartattack. or caner. or hypothermia. all very serious. oh and i'm also very serious that i wish i was going to be in waco this sunday.

roadtrip was successful today. it rained. i got wet. i didnt even care. the exhibit wasnt as grandiose as i thought it would be. but it was fun. if you dont know what postsecret is... then please go here and find out.

it's pronounced red-ding. not reading. as in read.

cameras werent allowed..... so i went stealth with the in-the-purse trick.

the double sided cards.

they're true.

there were other parts of the museum..... will there ever come a time where i dont think it's cool to take pictures of bears and say sic 'em? .... i'll work on it.

but i just came back. i was getting braver with the camera.

then i completed my day in reading, PA by finding this awesome little obscure music store. think: high fidelity. they even had the tiny buttons.

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melissa said...

I wish I could have gone with you! I wonder if any of my secrets are in the exibit. I want to go to Nicklecreek with you! Keep me up to date. :)