Wednesday, March 29, 2006

another first.

i've been staring at a blank computer screen for about the last 8 minutes. staring at it, thinking about the perfect "morgan's-reentry-into-the-journal-world" opening sentence .... and THAT is all i could come up with.

i decided on this journal rather than others because my two journal idols have this as their provider. and if its good enought for rachel and athena, then its good enough for me! and... if you can tell me what my journal username is in reference to.... you can be my hero of the day!

i've been waiting for something to happen, something that i could tell a great story about, or something down right hilarious to happen to start my journal reentry out with a bang. but alas, nothing happened... for weeks. but something has happend.

i got my invitation to my Soutwest Airlines training class. i'm going. its really going to happen. i've been waiting since last july, and i really think that some of my friends were begining to believe that i was just lying about this whole flight attendant thing. i wont know where i'll be based until i go to training. i cant wait. i cant wait!!.... but enough about me.

to recap:
*i've restarted my journal.
*i'm going to be a flight attendant.