Wednesday, May 10, 2006

life. May 10th.

things about today:

*we had a fire drill at work today. i have been practicing for fire drills my whole life. and i'd say i've gotten pretty good at it. i've always gotten out before alleged fire has engulfed the building. and now... i'm ready for the real thing. i thought i was ready in college... but i obviously was not, since i ran out of the building in the middle of the night with half my clothes on, a towel wrap, and my turbie twist in my hair (and no, sadly enough, i had not just gotten out of the shower). but after today's drill.... i am ready. bring it on.

*i'm sure my husband will be fabulous. in fact, i'm counting on it, but a small part of me wishes that i had found the love of my life at baylor. i want to take super cute engagement pictures on campus, i want someone to understand SING and what a big deal it is, i want someone not to tease me about how terrible our football team is and understand that we are good at other things. i want him to understand what a wonderful wonderful place that it is.

*why is it that two days before you get a much needed haircut... all the sudden every hair on your head falls into place? can anyone answer me this?

*i just found the most AMAZING music website. seriously, amazing. i'm not going to share it....because...well... i'm musically selfish... but its awesome.

*so it's NBA playoff time. i love playoffs. i love when the mavs and the suns are BOTH in the playoffs. but here's the dilemma i would have if i played pro basketball. i'm extremely loyal. and i would have a very hard time switching teams. I dont like the spurs, but because van excel and finley are now a playing for them, i like them a little bit better. and if you are van excel and you are getting completely spanked by your former team, do you start missing the green and blue jersey you used to wear? i think of it like this..... i was a pi phi, and if all the sudden i got traded to be a theata (i'd just quit playing if i was drafted to some "teams", sorry rar, i'd get the manager to draft you to my team anyways) and all the sudden i wear different letters across my chest, and i wear different colors, i dont think i would like that very much. i like the thetas just fine, and i think i could get along with them, but they play different from my former team, and what about all my old friends on the pi phi team? that's just got to be so weird for a player. i know its just a game, but that game is their life. i couldnt do it.

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Rachel said...

"but a small part of me wishes that i had found the love of my life at baylor"

I completely agree. It's not that when it's our turn it won't be fabulous in its own way, but i wish it had worked out for me the way it seemed to work out for so many other people.

sing rocks. even if your future husband doesn't understand, we always have each other. :)