Tuesday, April 25, 2006

four words.

for those of you (megan) who have complained that my journal entries are too long.... let me just sum up this post in four words: I am an idiot.

now for the rest of the story.

well let me just tell you about a little story from this weekend. this was probably one of the most eventful weekends i have had in a long time but the story i am going to share with you is from this past saturday. on saturday, i got up and went to go run errands. (I LOVE running errands on Saturdays. It is my time to be all alone. I’m with someone else 24 hours a day. Its nice to be all by myself for a while. and be some place where no one knows where i am) anyways…. last october, while looking for a birthday present for my mom, I wondered into an antiques shop to look around for awhile. well, while i was there i saw a very antique plate made by Wedgewood, but it was a BAYLOR plate. it was a white plate but in the middle it had the Tidwell bible building painted in all blue. it was really neat and i really liked it, but at the time I just could not afford it. but i’ve been thinking about it ever since. And I figure…. If I’ve thought about it for this long and have been living in sin, and coveting this thing since October, then the logical thing would be to just go get the darn thing. right???? well i head off on saturday for alleged antique store. and when i get there, to my amazement, not only do they have ONE plate, but they had TWO, count them TWO Tidwell devil building plates. so i get it. pay for it. and leave. it wasn’t until my drive home that i realized the magnitude of what i had actually done!!! so i got home and told Amanda and vince,….."ok I’m going to show this to you, but I need you to act like its really cool, so I wont feel so dumb about buying it. oh wow…..here we go” …. So I pull it out, and they look at it with absolutely NO amazement on their faces and they say, “is that it? what is it? how much did you pay for it?” and this is the point where I wanted to bust out in tears. I sunk my head down and foolishly said…. “seventy five dollars”. Yes. Please catch your breath. I, morgan nunnally, as I live and breath, consciously bought a 75 dolllar plate. singular. amanda and vince of course bust out in uncontrollable laughter. and all I can do is shake my head. i mean... who does that? You wanna know who does that? Little old ladies. Little old crazed Baylor ladies do that. Obsessed alumni do that. i somehow can not scrounge together enough money to join the alumni association, but i can buy a plate of a building that nothing ever turned out well for me in? and it’s like, i didn’t even see it coming. i wanted the plate in my head. and then when i saw it, it was like a knee jerk reaction to fork over the money. and the even funnier ("they" should really make that a word) thing is that the day before, i really wanted to buy this FABULOUS four place setting set of dishes on ebay (another vice of mine), but I couldn’t decide whether or not to get them, because I thought they were too expensive. So Amanda says to me, through the tears of laughter…."you could have gotten that whole place setting that you wanted for the same amount that you paid for that ONE plate”. ….. even as I am sitting here. I am shaking my head at my monumental failure of a purchase. Now I really want those other plates and want to smash the one plate I own over the lady that sold it to me. and of course, real big on the top of the receipt it says "all sales final". they do this to trick foolish little girls. antique people dont believe in buyer's remorse. forget antique, i'm going to eat off that plate EVERYDAY! it's going to be my special eating plate. either that... or i'm going to display it and put a big blinking neon sign in the shape of an arrow pointing at it, so that people will not miss it when they come over. it will be one of those, what do you call it.... "conversation pieces". i cant even believe this. i'm going to be living on the streets. i'll be the crazy plate lady.

moral of the story.... think before you buy $75 dollar plates and stay away from crazy plate lady.


Rachel said...

your journal is just one big tease. you never update it, and yet i check it 5 times a day.

Anonymous said...

I actualy like the plate, and the idea of it being your "Special" plate, show those grannys that you CAN use items bought at an antique shop!!! hahahah