Saturday, March 10, 2007

posting because i'm bored. nothing to see here....

*so recently, there have come about these little, we'll call them "scandals" dealing with girls recently placed in the spotlight (i.e. antonella barba with american idol and miss nebraska) and their personal, and rather scandalous pictures of them surfacing on the internet and in turn, entertainment tonight and the world news. this has lead me, after much consternation to ask all of you to delete those pictures of me in which might just be a little too revealing. you know the ones.... spring break '03, prom, and grandma's 80th birthday party. (for the sake of me and grandma)

*so last night, after going and getting my hair did. (love it) p.s.. impromptu plug for salon elevation in dallas. it's incredible. everyone is covered in tattoos and piercings, they offer you a beer when you walk in the door, and i've never been in a place where they all know so much about hair. it's really bizarre. ask for stephen. anyways.... i got a flat tire and changed it on the side of the dark road. it was one of those badass moments where you feel like you can then and only then take over the entire world. and i sliced my finger open. i hope it scars.

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