Wednesday, September 05, 2007

i need a hot girl.

alright. i got my acl tickets... so now i will start posting again. (thanks chris) ok, so people ask me all the time "whats the craziest thing thats happened on a flight?.... i bet you have some crazy airplane stories" ....and while i wish this was true.... since 9/11.... people pretty much have cut out the crazy shenanigans.... however... there is just no concealing "weird", "intoxicated", "annoying", and my personal favorite..... "white trash". amanda believes that all the white trash people got together, had a convention, and decided that the dolphin would become their universal mascot... to be badly tattooed on various (and might i add, obvious) body parts, to be sold as dollar store trinkets, and to be collected as if they were becoming extinct. (curiously enough, tridelt must have been at this same convention...they made it their national symbol.) (rachel is going to kill me for this one. love you.) anyways.... and while i might have agreed with her for a long time.... i have found a new tattooed symbol to take its place.
so i'm taking drink orders and i come across this girl. normal looking girl. not overly pretty. but not totally unfortunate looking either. just normal... and i deemed her as normal.... but that was until i saw.... in the prettiest cursive letters tattooed on her normal looking arm..... "hot girl" ...and it was at this point that i lost it. i literally started laughing out loud. i just kept thinking to myself.... who told her it was ok for her to do that? which of her friends was like "yeah, thats a great idea, you should totally do that?" ....her mean friends...thats who. i mean what happens if she is in a debilitating accident that leaves her face so marred that it is hardly recognizable? God forbid....but seriously...she would have this jacked up face and "hot girl" still tattooed on her that would be some karma for ya.... that is some pure self confidence to walk in somewhere and tell the tattoo artist to write out "hot girl" on her body... in a place where it is prominently displayed. has anyone ever walked up to her and said "no you're not". that would be mean.. but i know people....ahem..person... that would do it. the only time that i think it is ok to get this particular if you are 80. how hilarious would that would be the coolest granny ever! and definitely the hit of the old folks home. i’d do it if i was 80. i’d make Rachel go with me so we could get matching ones.

and can I get a hooty-hoo for football season finally getting started. high school, college, nfl…. hooty-hoo!


Julie said...

hooty hoo!! brf.

Rachel said...

where did this hooty hoo thing come from? Bizarre.

I resent the dolphin comment. I still use my little dolphin keychain that Courtney gave me.

You. Me. Hot Girl tattoos. in About 55 years.

mel said...

I would just like to say. My roommate, a guy I know from college, has a 4 leaf clover on his right arm just below his shoulder and underneath it is written: "Lucky" in cursive. I believe this is on the "hot girl" level. I once asked him the story about it and he said there isn't one. Terrible.

tshirtguy said...

What is a good tatoo? I dont think there is one.

Anonymous said...

morgan, this post, although undeniably great - is a tease. ACL has come and gone, with only one promised post. Boo for that, but yeah for you still being one of the funniest people i know. Love you,

Katie Hall : )